The Roundup; November ’13 Edition

Autumnal Outfits

1. Delightfully Tacky  //  2. Maiedae  //  3. Skunkboy  //  4. Drawing Dreaming
5. The Little Things  //  6. Jenny Highsmith

Brand new to Onetenzeroseven, I give you my November round up of Outfit Posts; I much prefer blogger photography and styling to those of magazines and brands so as well as sharing things I love from the widely known media, I would also like to start sharing my favourite outfit posts from across the globe.

I adore these autumnal chocolate and rust colours worn with this gorgeous, rich teal-turquoise. Elizabeth (Delightfully Tacky) and Savannah (Maiedae) always shoot such stunning, expensive Look Book quality images. I’m a longtime fan of Elizabeth’s bohemian style; Delightfully Tacky was the very first style blog I discovered and she always teams up such unlikely items that work together perfectly. I love Savannah’s red lipstick choice against her porcelain skin and her spicy red hair is to dye for ;)

Bright Outfits

Katie from Skunkboy has such a fun, kooky style. I love her doll-like looks that really suit her delicate frame. I would never pick up this dress in a rack, but this is possibly my favourite outfit from the month! I’m really into overly bright clothes for Winter this year and both Katie and Ester (Drawing Dreaming) are flying the flag for me ;) I love this super vampy red dress dressed up for winter with a slouchy cardigan. Ester has her own favourite outfits series from which I stole this idea.. with permission, of course!!

Winter Layering

Layering is always the most fun part of dressing for winter for me; I love how Louise (The Little Things) has created so much volume with her scarf and slouchy jumper. Bonus points for rich autumnal colours. The way Jenny has layered this scarf with her jacket makes it look like a fun patterned edging to her lapels – I definitely want to try this to update an old season coat and make it look like new.

What are your favourite outfits from the month? Link me so I can nosy!

Loves x xx

All images are owned by each blog as credited and are used with permission.
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  • Sara Strauss

    I love the styling and all the warm colors in these ouftits!! These ladies dress so well!

  • Dannielle @ Chic-a-DeeDee

    I love Katie’s style, I’ve only recently found her blog. I’m a mess at putting things together but love seeing how other people can be so creative, and put amazing colour combinations on as well.

  • Ester Durães

    Thank you so much for featuring me, dear Sophie! :) all these ladies’ outfits look amazing! :)

    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming