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Featured & Found: November Edition

LifeLately_FFLife Lately Instagram Round Up

birthday drinks | fully stocked | hiding in pink fluff | signed DVD for the dog | mango cider | inspiring music | lovely note through the post | date night burritos | meeting Tony Law | craft fair display | boyfriend needs a new lamp | when did I get more champagne flutes than wine glasses?

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FeaturedThanks to these lovelies who have featured Onetenzeroseven this month!
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FoundAwesome stuff from the web!
Epic life advice – 30 Things I’ve Learned in 30 Years
Yummy veggie recipe – Mushroom Butternut Gruyere Tart
Organise your tweets and Facebook statuses – Buffer
This cat supporting Movember – Famous Cat Markings

 What are your favourite things from the month?

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Giveaway: The Little Matters

The Little Matters Interview

Cats or dogs?
Honestly don’t mind both, I love animals :)
Tea or coffee?
Tea- Yorkshire Tea! *high five* [<–High five!]
Favourite city?
Probably London, where I live. I don’t think I know any other city better than London to comment, holidays are just not the same and not representative enough I think!
Favourite TV show or movie?
Ohh, I have a lot I love, tonnes of animations but to name a few…
TV: Simpsons, Atashinchi, The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy.
Movies: Butterfly Effect, Howl’s Moving castle, Coraline, 9.
Favourite band, musician or song?
I like a bit of everything (in different languages), mainly pop, but I really loved this collaborative cantonese album called “Buy one get one free” by musician Hanjin and rapper MC Jin where they wrote ten songs in ten days with one guitar. Awesome stuff! [<–Wow!]

Illustration, Camera Necklace

Why did you decide to start selling your creations on Etsy?
I did a degree in Graphic and Media Design, but had no idea what I was doing after graduation. In Christmas 2011 I decided to try and sell some christmas cards I designed and made myself, whipped up 100 knitted brooch cards in 2 weeks (it was a lot of knitting, trust me) and found out about Etsy from my cousin who suggested I should try selling it on there. So I did :) in February 2012 I launched my Otter Series and the amazing response I got from that is what made me decide to continue selling on Etsy.
What’s your most favourite piece you have made?
Whenever I start a new illustration, it’s always my favourite at the time. But product wise, I think I most enjoy the Kangaroo Bookmark Card. Most people find it a surprise to know it’s also a bookmark. And I always love the idea of detachable things that complete a picture. The interaction intrigues me, and I think this kangaroo card works well in that way.
Who or what inspires you?
It probably sounds tacky as always, but really everything and everyone does. I always relate things about me and things happening around me back to the characters I create. Some sources are probably my interest in animals, interactive design, health, tv/movies I watch and just little (miniature) things in general :)
If money or time were no object, what would be your ultimate dream for your business?
Hmmm, that’s a really hard one to answer. I don’t enjoy the business side to what I do much but money and time is pretty much what business is about! I guess to just have a little shop and a studio for me to sell and make my things, and for people to leave my shop smiling… And generally for people everywhere to be able to connect with my work. That’s probably all I would really want.
Sum up your brand in 3-5 words.
Little, with lots of passion :) [<– Adorable!]

Otter Gifts

I definitely leave your online shop smiling, Lillian! Thank you so much for dropping by and chatting to us :)) The Little Matters has recently launched their beautiful new website. You can follow their updates by subscribing to their mailing list. If a peek into Lillian’s little world wasn’t awesome enough, one of you lucky, lucky readers is going to win an Otter Notebook and Otter Coin Purse as pictured above!! So cute. The competition will be run via Rafflecopter and you have 7 days from today to enter! See below for entry options, make sure you enter as many times as possible to improve your chances of winning! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Loves x xx

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