SEVEN: Ways To Hang Out With Your Grandparents


This is my Grandma on her 90th birthday a few months ago and she is the only grandparent I have left. That’s my brother and I in the picture and we have been blessed with the greatest grandparents a boy and girl could ask for. Each one was unique; Some were strict, some were grumpy, some spoiled us way too much, but above all they loved to laugh and they loved us more than we would ever need. I think you get to an age where you feel it’s not ‘cool’ to hang out with grandparents anymore and then you get to an age where you’re just too busy and before you know it there’s so much you’ve missed out on. I just wanted to share a few simple ways to make them part of your life again :))

1 // Always swing by family gatherings, even if you can only make it for an hour. If you’re far away, try a video chat!

2 // Drop in for a cup of tea every now and then. Or, if you have time, lunch or dinner!

3 // Ask questions. Your grandparents have watched members of your family grow from babies into adults having babies of their own. They have endless stories that are sure to entertain you! If you’re far away write emails or letters.

4 // Look through photo albums together. They have lived through awesome decades; imagine them at your age dressed in classy 40s fashion or wearing the original 50s style ‘pin up’ bathing suit.

5 // Offer to go food shopping for them or with them. They’d be grateful for the extra help and it can turn a mundane task into a memory making afternoon.

6 // Invite them round to meet your housemates or to see the first house you’ve bought. Landmark moments like a first home will be something your grandparents will be really proud to be a part of and they’ll be comforted to know you’re settled and happy.

7 // Hug them, kiss them, squeeze them! Take photographs. Laugh. Be proud to spend time with them, because one day they might not be around anymore and there is nothing as hard as regretting all the lost time you could have spent together. Believe me.

Do you spend a lot of time with your grandparents? If so please feel free to share your stories in the comments! If you don’t… try making plans with them this month and give them a great big hug!!

Loves x xx

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