Thoughts On Freelance: Time


Today’s thoughts on freelance? Time is like gold dust.

So far this week I have wasted time on trying to get a parcel delivered. Finding out that it had been attempted to be delivered twice to the wrong place, trying to locate it and corresponding with three different sets of people to get it delivered correctly. Sure I was concerned for the money contained inside in the form of stock, but mostly I was panicking about the amount of time contained inside in the form of hand making all the pieces, stickering the stock and inputting it all into a spreadsheet. I have also wasted time twice by writing out huge messages on Facebook, only for it to get eaten before I got chance to save them.

I thought time would be more precious when you’re being paid by the hour, but in fact I’m coming to learn it’s the other way around. I can’t believe how ‘tight’ I’ve become where time is concerned and how angry I’ve become when I feel like it’s being leeched.

I have just been so busy since going freelance. I honestly thought I’d be sat twiddling my thumbs, having endless time to design new products and work on personal projects, but I’ve barely had time to breathe. Don’t get me wrong, being busy is the best possible outcome where you have only just made the switch to freelance, but I’m in shock – I just don’t know how I ever used to cope before!!

I’m sure things will settle down and I will get more used to a) the difference between getting paid by the hour and earning money on a project basis and b) learning how to manage my time and where my time is being wasted. It doesn’t help that I’ve been quite poorly this week, too, but I certainly don’t have time for rest! ;)

Do you struggle to manage your time? I would love to hear any tips you’d like to share :)

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