Outfit Post: Nordic Winter

Christmas Jumper, Nordic, Winter, Autumn

The day we got back from our late Summer break in Tenerife and I changed into a thick plaid shirt, jeans, scarf and boots I felt like I’d taken off a disguise. For me there’s just nothing like layering and being all snuggly and warm in my winter warmers! It’s not that I don’t like wearing a loose, floaty dress in the Summer evenings (and I have a couple of outfits to show you from my holiday in the coming weeks!) but by the time Summer is coming to a close I’m desperate to pile on the layers.

Christmas Jumper, Nordic, Winter, Autumn

When Oasap kindly offered to clothe me this Winter I immediately fell in love with this jumper. It looked so slouchy and snuggly and fun. Sadly when it arrived I was a little disappointed. I mean I know I’m nowhere near as tiny as the lovely models on the Oasap website, but I couldn’t believe the size difference from the pictures on the listing. I thought I was going to live in this jumper dress with my leggings this winter, but it’s actually too short for that. However with a quick change of plan and an adorable lace dress I picked up in the Ark warehouse sale I pretty much got the look I was originally going for. Plus, layering! So I guess I have Oasap to thank for the encouragement to think outside the box a little ;)

Christmas Jumper, Nordic, Winter, Autumn

Christmas Jumper, Nordic, Winter, Autumn

I wore this jumper on a quick run out to Tesco with my bestie, Jeff (who, despite your misconceptions, is actually a girl!). I got some strange looks, for sure, but Who cares? I LOVE my geeky Christmas jumper in all it’s wacky coloured glory! It’s a fun challenge for me to give the finger to my self esteem issues and test my confidence while wearing something totally crazy. It reminds me of One Sheepish Girl’s crazy sweater challenge and you know what? Totally liberating. Have you ever been too embarrassed to wear something you love?

Christmas Jumper, Nordic, Winter, Autumn

Nordic Winter Jumper | c/o Oasap  //  Navy Lace Dress | Glamorous at Ark
Navy Leggings | American Apparel  //  Tan Boots |  H by Hudson at Office  //  Orange Scarf | M&S
Rose ring  //  Peace Ring |  Lyna Accessories (Tenerife)

Loves x xx


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  • Dannielle @ Chic-a-DeeDee

    I love this jumper!! Orange is my favourite colour but I can never seem to find things I can incorporate for clothing. I have the same problem ordering things online, they never look the same on me as the models, booo. But I like this look with the dress better as it changes it up a bit.

  • Rosie

    Your jumper is so pretty! Love the pattern on it so much!

  • Anna White

    I think it’s cute. They were probably just wondering where they could get their own.

  • Sophie

    Yeah, you don’t see a lot of orange out and about in clothing!
    That’s what I like about blogs – you get to see what clothes are like on real people! I don’t know what they do differently when they take their product photographs!

  • Sophie

    Thanks Rosie! :)

  • Sophie

    Haha, I like your thinking :))


    These are some really cute outfits! And I love the idea of making new outfits with the clothes you already have; that is such a great way to save money!