Photography Tips: Going to Class

Photography, BlurPrompt: Blur

When I got back to what seemed like my mundane life after my road trip last month I decided that I really needed to get stuff done to make ‘every day’ more fun. One of the biggest goals I’ve had for a while is to learn how to use my camera better on manual settings, so when I heard about a local photography course I joined up instantly instead of umming and ahhing and eventually missing the deadline ;)

Photography, Black and WhitePrompt: Black and White

Photography, Close UpPrompt: Close Up

My first class was last Monday at the Bowery Coffee Shop and Gallery in Headingley and I enjoyed it so much. If you’ve been thinking about doing something similar, I highly recommend taking the plunge! It was so invigorating and even wandering around on my own in the local village, where I go out drinking or pop to the supermarket, taking random photos didn’t even seem so silly.

Photography, Left and RightPrompt: Left and Right

Photography, Movement or MotionPrompt: Movement or Motion

Our first assignment was to consider composition. Our tutor showed us some of his favourite imagery and we discussed the impact of the photographer’s cropping and angle choices before being given a list of ‘prompts’ to go out and photograph in the surrounding area.

Photography, Natural & UnnaturalPrompt: Natural & Unnatural

Photography, Near and Far (Perspective)Prompt: Near and Far (Perspective)

Photography, SilhouettePrompt: Silhouette

I think having those prompts made me forget about how awkward I felt taking pictures of walls and trees and just allowed me to concentrate on the photography. I really recommend setting this challenge for yourself; You can use these prompts or even get a friend to send you a list of 10/15 words to create your own.

Photography, Primary ColourPrompt: Primary Colour

Photography, ReflectionPrompt: Reflection

Photography, ShadowPrompt: Shadow

Photography, StillPrompt: Still

Have you ever taken a photography class? I’d love to know what you thought of it and if you found it useful for your every day photography in the comments or you can tweet at me :)
Loves x xx

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