DIY: Chimney Pot Planters

Chimney Planter, Chimney Pot Planter, Plant Pot DIY

I have a very simple DIY for you today; something Summery to brighten up your garden for those endless barbecues I’m sure you’re having ;)

This fun planter idea was provided by Daddy Oneten. The chimney pots used here were the actual ones taken from his roof during some renovation. If you want to try this yourself and don’t just-so-happen to be doing work replacing your chimney you can pick up some chimney pots from eBay or perhaps at a local scrap or reclaims yard.

Chimney Planter, Chimney Pot Planter, Plant Pot DIY

Simply sit your plant pots inside the chimney and you’re good to go!

Happy BBQ-ing!

Loves x xx

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  • Erica

    So clever to reuse the chimneys!! The planters have such a strong look to them… like artwork with plants growing out of it. Fantastic! I’ve been wanting to jazz up our yard some too!

    P.S. I’m so excited you like my crochet daisies! I think they are so sweet! I don’t have a shop to sell them in right now (mostly because I’m not quite ready for the responsibility quite yet). Maybe someday though. I’ve been toying around with that idea. You’ll have to give me some advice if I decide to start a shop up! :)

  • Polkadot Pink

    These look great! So pretty xx

  • Rebecca’s Emporium

    What a lovely and slightly random idea! :D
    They look amazing, and almost natural. I love the bright blue pots in the 1st photo too.

  • Sophie

    Haha, the random ones are the best! My Dad’s wife has a great eye for interior design, I hope to feature more stuff from their house in the future!

  • Sophie

    Pleased you like them :)

  • Sophie

    Yeah, it’s great to take something dull like a plant pot and make it into something that is part of the decor!

    Aww, yay. They’re adorable. You really should open a shop, you have some great DIY ideas, I’m sure it would go down really well. I’ve got a post in the pipeline for starting a business, so that might be useful! But email me anytime :)