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Outfit Post: The Tropics

Summer Floral, Tropical Print Dress
Summer Floral, Tropical Print Dress

I’m not a Summer girl by any means, so when the warm weather rolls around I feel… lost. I’m uncomfortable, I’m blinded by the glare on my glasses and I don’t know what to wear! I picked up this dress from H&M Online for £8(!) and it is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t wear a lot of bright, tropical colour like this, but for some reason I was just drawn to this dress and it was so easy to make it my own. I layered it over a long black vest (just in case the wind picked up so I could cover my modesty ;) and my knickers!!) leggings, while we’re not in the height of Summer, and added a belt to nip in at my waist. Due to the sizing on offer I had to buy this in a size too big so the belt was a perfect addition and it tied the whole outfit in with the layers underneath. It’s so comfortable and fun and light – I just want it in every colour now!
Summer Floral & Bird, Tropical Print Dress
Summer Floral, Tropical Print Dress

This outfit really showcases what I love about fashion; while my cardigan is from a big chain, I bought it in New York so it’s extra special to me. Then there’s beautiful handmade touches such as my adorable tiny apple studs from Kica Bijoux on Etsy and great, unusual pieces like this belt that I picked up from the market in Puerto Banus, Spain. The items you can’t get on the high street really make an outfit for me and I actually get my favourite pieces from abroad in Europe. I also bought my amazing statement necklace from Spain about four years ago and have just noticed the style popping up in the highstreet this Spring/Summer. European branches of stores like Zara just seem to cater for my style so much better than their sisters in the UK, plus the pieces just seem that little bit rarer once you get back home :))

Summer Floral, Tropical Print Dress

Tiny Apple Studs | Kica Bijoux // Tropical Floral Print Dress | H&M  //  Lime Green Cardigan | Aerie  //  Leggings | Next  //  Glasses | Missoni  //  Belt | Puerto Banus Market

Loves x xx

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Beauty School: Lush Leeds Hair Consultation

Lush Leeds Spa Hair Consultation

There comes a time when you need to call the experts in, so when Lush Leeds Spa invited me down to their shop to speak to one of their best advisors, Nina, it was the perfect opportunity to sort out the terrible state of my hair! I was nervous about the appointment, the thought of sitting down with someone I hadn’t met before and them inspecting the ratty ends of my hair (of which I am very self conscious about!). I met up with Lorna, who is the perpetrator of Lush’s Beauty School here at Onetenzeroseven, and we had a coffee while she calmed my nerves and then took me over to Lush Leeds Spa.

Lush Leeds Spa Hair Consultation

When I arrived at Lush, Nina excitedly introduced herself and took me over to the hair care corner of the store. She briefly told me about the range (have you ever seen such an interesting collection of products!?) and then we sat down nearby (next to the gorgeous fresh face masks!) and had a bit of a chat about hair, products and life! ;) The lovely girls pulled out some great looking products like Blousey and Big and we sniffed and delved into some pots of fabulous looking goo to see which seemed the most appropriate for my hair.

Lush Leeds Spa Hair Consultation

Lush Leeds Spa Hair Consultation

I felt so at ease with Nina, who related to almost everything I said about the condition of my hair. As apprehensive as I was, immediately it was like I had known her for years! She gave me some great tips for general upkeep which included things not related to Lush products, like what type of brush I use (wooden paddle brushes are great!). We talked about my problems such as a hard to manage greasy scalp and dry ends combo and Nina asked great probing questions, uncovering issues I didn’t really imagine there to be a solution for (such as the horrible noise my hair makes when I brush it!). I was overwhelmed by the spectrum of knowledge she had and other staff members got involved as they walked by; talking about their experiences of different products and different hair types.

Lush Leeds Spa Hair ConsultationGorgeous Nina (with gorgeous hair of her own!) and my Lush Leeds Bestie, Lorna. Stop by and see them sometime soon!

Nina recommended some products to me and then I selected the ones I wanted to try, while asking questions and voicing concerns about some very strong smelling conditioners. For the ones I wasn’t so sure about, the girls put together some sample pots for me to try out first. I came away from the consultation with some great new knowledge and a renewed excitement for taking care of my hair. I cannot recommend a visit to talk to Nina enough! I wish she could be my personal adviser ;)

I brought away with me: Big shampoo, Daddy-O shampoo, Veganese conditioner and a sample of Happy Happy Joy Joy. H’Suan Wen Hua hair treatment and a teeny try-me pot of No Drought dry shampoo. Watch out for my review post next week! I have some amazing results to share :)

If you have any questions about the hair consultation, feel free to ask! Otherwise just pop down to Lush Leeds Spa or give them a call (0113 243 3626) to see when Nina is available :) Loves x xx


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