Recipe: Homemade Pizza Toppings

Homemade Pizza, Spicy Meat Feast, Jalapenos

In our house we absolutely love pizza. Takeaways are great, but expensive and you’re never quite sure exactly what you’re eating. We’ve started cooking up our own pizzas on our Jamie Oliver Pizza Stone (a gift from Boyfriend’s Dad!) and we’ve tried various bases from starting from scratch to using a garlic naan bread from the supermarket. All are super yum options, but today I want to talk about toppings and these are our go-to favourites for homemade pizza:

Homemade Pizza, Spicy Meat Feast, Jalapenos

Spicy Meat Feast // Tomato Puree base with Salami, Spicy Chorizo, Parma Ham, Jalapenos and Mozzarella

Homemade Pizza, BBQ Avocado Meat Feast

Homemade Pizza, BBQ Avocado Meat Feast

BBQ Avocado Meat Feast // Jerk BBQ sauce with Salami, Spicy Chorizo, Parma Ham, Avocado and Mozzarella

For the perfect pizza, heat your pizza stone at the highest heat, remove (and adjust the oven temp!) and then roll your dough out onto the stone. Spread on your tomato puree or BBQ sauce, top evenly with meat and then sprinkle on your jalapenos or avocado as you layer on the slices of mozzarella. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until golden, but make sure your pizza is cooked in the middle. Serve with a crisp summery cider!

What are your favourite toppings? Have you ever tried making your own pizza?
Loves x xx

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  • Sam

    Those pizza toppings look delicious! Pizza is a big deal in our house! Love sweet chilli chicken on pizza.

  • Draffin

    Ooh they look so professional! Little miss head chef over there :) I’m oozing with yummy jealousy now. Got to get me a pizza stone & all these ingredients ASAP x

  • Jess

    They loo soo good! We love making our own pizza too, it’s usually a no yeast base and whatever we have in the cupboard chucked on top. Must try a pizza stone, though – they always come out a little squidgey in the middle!

  • Sophie

    Ooh, what a great idea! Will have to experiment with perhaps a sweet chilli sauce for a base instead of tomato :)

    And thanks!

  • Sophie

    Aww, thank you! What a compliment, esp when I’m usually completely useless in the kitchen ;) I must say, I’m jealous of myself this morning! I want this pizza for lunch, haha!

  • Sophie

    It’s a great leftover user, isn’t it? Bung it all on!

    Definitely a stone makes all the difference. Make sure you heat it to full oven temp before using and it comes out all crispy and yum!

  • oh! Leona

    Gah!! They all look sooooo yummy!!

  • Ruth Johnston

    Mmmm! These all look delicious, I love making my own pizzas, found a great recipe to make the dough from scratch here:

    I’ve seen you’ve gone for mozzerella as your main cheese, definitely for this too, cheddar just doesn’t cut it!

  • Rosie

    How have you found the pizza stone? I’ve been contemplating buying one for ages! Does it make a big difference to your pizzas? x

  • Sophie

    The biggest difference it has made is bringing calm to my pizza making evenings ;) as Boyfriend used to constantly moan about the state of our homemade pizzas! Hehe. I’m less fussy, but it does make them nice and crispy. We had tried loads of oven settings before the pizza stone and they still came out with a bit of a soggy middle so yes it does make a difference! x xx

  • Sophie

    Ah yes! I like adding some feta cheese in, but still always need that mozzarella base :)

    Thanks for the dough recipe, too!

  • Laura

    I didn’t know you could buy a pizza stone! I’m very intrigued now. Your pizza looks so tasty! xx

  • Sophie

    Thanks! They were rather tasty! :)

  • Sophie

    Thanks, they were!! They’re not too expensive either, get one on your Christmas list! :)

  • Chestnut Mocha

    So hungry at the moment and looking at these pretty pictures doesn’t help)))