Take Care Of Yourself

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Forgive my absence this weekend, on Friday evening I damaged my back muscle, couldn’t move and ended up in an ambulance to hospital. Whoopsie.
As well as posting you guys a little update, I also wanted to bring you a friendly warning; Take care of yourself.

For the past few months I’ve had back pain in the same area at the small of my back. I’ve treated it with heat but little, if any, rest.
I work too hard, I spend my evenings sitting on a broken sofa or curled up on the floor making jewellery. I carry heavy boxes at work and I never ask for help as “just because I’m a woman doesn’t make me weak“. Hmm.┬áThis resulted in me going to hospital, missing my friend’s wedding and not being able to pull up my own damn underwear after visiting the bathroom. Now who’s weak?

I’ve improved a lot since Friday and I can now get around the house on my own, up and down the stairs and carry things; The only thing I’m still struggling with is bending over so I’m going to be OK, but I have to make some changes. I need to equip myself with a better seat and workspace. This all costs money and time and effort, but you can’t put a price on your health.

If you’re cutting corners or putting something off, you need to make changes too. You are important, don’t forget that.

Regular posting shall now resume, all being well! Loves x xx

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