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Floral, Doll, Red, Cream, Nautical Outfit Post

Barratts asked me if I’d like to review a pair of their shoes and I chose these adorable bow wellies. I tend to find wellies very uncomfortable and clunky which is annoying in Winter, but even worse during the summer months for those pesky rain showers and fun festival season!

Placing my order online was super easy and delivery was faster than the quoted 7 days, but when the boots arrived I was a little confused as to why I was receiving a parcel branded with and the actual shoe box inside was plain white with the boots squished inside. I definitely think Barratts could do with some more streamlined, cute and ‘fun’ branding to make your purchase feel a little more special when you open the box.

Floral, Doll, Red, Cream, Nautical Outfit Post

A perfect opportunity arose to test out the wellies when Boyfriend and I arranged a night out in York last Sunday. We went for dinner and to see Sean Lock on tour; Of course it was a wonderful, very British drizzly day, but I refused to let it stop me dressing up for date night.

We did a fair amount of walking and I found wearing the wellies like slippers, but also felt girly and light on my feet. Walking up and down stairs did cause the cut out fronts to rub slightly on my ankle so I definitely wouldn’t recommend wearing these without tights or socks. They felt slightly awkward during dinner when I tried to cross my ankles under the chair as the rubber caused them to stick to each other (they are wellies, after all!), but throughout the whole day my feet were toasty warm and most importantly, dry.

Floral, Doll, Red, Cream, Nautical Outfit Post Floral, Doll, Red, Cream, Nautical Outfit Post

I am absolutely in love with the cute bow detail and find these unlike any other wellies I’ve ever seen; A couple of years ago I bought some cute Wellibobs from Joules and although they have a fun print and are cut off at the ankle, the Wellibobs are still overly chunky for such a small boot. In contrast, the shape of these Barratts Wellies are thoughtfully designed so you can still feel feminine and delicate.

The most shocking of all is that these wellies cost just £16 so your pennies can still happily jingle away in your pocket ;) I’m so happy that I now have a comfortable, girly option for the festival season and I can’t wait to style these up as the weather gets warmer – I just love them!!

Floral, Doll, Red, Cream, Nautical Outfit Post

Floral Dress | Zara // Cream Cardigan | Topshop // Bow Wellies | c/o Barratts
Heart Necklace | Next // Earrings | Onetenzeroseven

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  • Cris Loureiro

    Thank you for sharing your experience with your new Wellies Sophie. It’s definitely a good way to have your feet comfortable in the rainy summer days. Lovely post, great pics and gorgeous outfit. xx

  • Chic-a-Dee

    I’ve seen a few of these little bow wellies, and think they are so cute! As a sidenote-everytime we go to York it rains! I think that city is stuck in a continual rain trap.

  • claireabellemakes

    These are so cute! Loving the outfit x

  • Anna Simmonds

    Oh these are adorable! I have a pair of tie-up buckle wellies on my wishlist (at £65, eek) but these are just fantastic and at such a good price! Very tempting ;)

  • Rebecca’s Emporium

    Arw! They have to be the cutest wellies I’ve ever seen :D (apart from those awesome frog ones that kids get to wear!) I’ve been wearing my liquorice allsorts patterned ones to the festivals for years, and now they’ve got massive splits in them :( … so I’m in the market for new ones! *counts moneys* :D

  • Sam

    Aww these wellies are so cute! If I were going to a festival this year I’d definitely be investing in a pair of these.

  • Mandy Howarth

    Lovely, they look so cool with your outfit! :)

  • Jennifer
  • Sophie

    Thanks so much Cris! :)

  • Sophie

    Haha, now that you mention it I think every time I go it rains too!

  • Sophie

    Thanks Claire :)

  • Sophie

    Ooh £65 is a bit steep, especially when I don’t wear wellies that often. They do sound cute though! I think Barratts have 25% off this weekend too!

  • Sophie

    I know, right? Kids get the best stuff!!
    Ooh, a good excuse! Barratts have 25% off this weekend too… ;)

  • Sophie

    I know, I love them! I’m not going to a festival either… yet! I’ve been thinking of going to one in Belgium, but it’s just that little bit too expensive to get there and find a hotel. Bummer!

  • Sophie

    Thank you :)

  • Sophie

    Hehe, thanks!