Shopping Tips: Keeping to a budget

Shopping Tips

Today I thought I’d share some shopping tips on how not to buy every single item you love when you’re on a budget ;)

// Allow yourself a treat.
This may be slightly controversial, but not buying something can be like being on a diet. Once you know you can’t have it, the withdrawal symptoms are hard to bear.
Try this tactic: If I buy A, then I can’t have B, C, D or E for the rest of the month. Now A doesn’t have to be something flashy or expensive, but next time you have that itchy shopping feeling you can remind yourself of A’s awesomeness. Sit and admire it for a while. If it’s a clothing item, put it on and dance round the living room to your favourite song.

// Shop from your own closet. I mean really have a delve into the depths of your cupboard, washing basket etc. You’re pretty guaranteed to find something you’d forgotten you owned. Pair it with something you’ve bought more recently and voila! Instant new outfit.

Shopping Tips

// Pinterest. However you use Pinterest, you can sneak an extra board in there titled ‘Wishlist’ or something similar. I already have a Things I want to Wear board so I use that. Everything you love, give it a pin. Then when you want to admire it you can hop on Pinterest and have a look. The images will be there long after the item sells out so you can always admire it’s loveliness. Plus if you’re deciding on a treat you can look at all your wishlist items for the month at a glance!

// Swapsies! If you have a friend that’s a similar size you can swap old clothes or even borrow pieces to jazz up your wardrobe for a while. This also works great with mums and sometimes even boyfriends! I’ve been known to borrow a checked shirt or even a scarf, hat or belt that offers a styling challenge that makes everything feel a little fresher.

Shopping Tips

// Go second hand; eBay or charity shops often have hidden gems. Last year I bought my summer wardrobe from eBay and picked up a lovely floral dress for £3 including postage. If you’re charity shopping, try taking a trip out to a nice suburb where you might find a higher class of clothes in the racks.

// If you do want to buy something new and you find yourself stuck between two (or more!) items then I use this tactic: How many different outfits can I create using items currently in my wardrobe?
If I can immediately think of more than one outfit then I’m usually sold. I know the item will be versatile and I won’t just wear it once and throw it into wardrobe limbo! Also if you never go to posh dinners or cocktail bars but frequent the local pub or enjoy going to gigs you’re probably better off buying that extra pair of jeans than the swanky silk dress.

// And the golden rule… if you’re unsure about something, don’t buy it! You don’t need anything that makes you feel “meh”. There are tonnes of beautiful pieces out there, save your pennies for a rainy day instead.

Hope these help your shopping withdrawal! If you have any great tips, do share them in the comments :) Loves x xx

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