Record Store Day, 2013

Yesterday was Record Store Day, an event created to support independent record stores across the world. Each year musicians release exclusive products for sale on Record Store Day and music fans unite in pre-Sunrise, bad coffee drinking, four hour long queueing outside their favourite indie store in hopes that they get their hands on a shiny record from their favourite band.

Every year we attend Crash Records’ festivities in Leeds. They run an excellent system where the first 50 attendees (and often a couple extra!) get to reserve their first choice record and then they operate a queue system, which usually snakes all the way around the block, of first come first serve.


This year I managed to pick up:
Brendan Benson – Swimming/Oh My Love
Jeff Buckley/Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah
Eric Burdon & The Greenhornes
And an Upstairs at United edition of Willie Mason & Brendan Benson

I only missed out on one record from my wish list which was a Hello=Fire split 7″ also featuring a band called Moistboyz. The latter caused many a giggle throughout the day and I had a great time catching up with my bestie and hanging out with Boyfriend. If you’re a music fan, you should wholeheartedly take part next year. It’s a great event and a fantastic opportunity to support your favourite record store. It’s not for the fainthearted, though. We got up at 5am and by the time we made it out to Crash Records, we were already 50th in the queue. Eesh.

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It’s all worth it when you head home, put the kettle on and curl up with a blanket and the record player and the people that just get you. Favourite!!

Loves x xx

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  • oh! Leona

    We went down to our local record store but they had no RSD excluives at all :( I think they thought the people of Plymouth wouldn’t give a crap about vinyl anymore (probably a lot of people don’t, sadly!). It’s awesome that it’s such a big thing in your area though! I’d love to be in America for RSD, it’s so huge over there! x

  • Sarah Nunn

    I have a record store near my house called Pie & Vinyl. Yep, it’s exactly what it says on the tin. Sells records and pie! haha it’s so great. Gutted I couldn’t take a trip on RSD because unfortunately I was working all day :(
    So glad someone’s done a post on Record Store Day though!

  • Sophie

    Oh no, that’s terrible! Well hopefully they’ll be more prepared next year. It gets busier and busier here in Leeds, which is great, but God knows what time I’ll have to be up next year ;)
    Gosh, it really is crazy over in the US. They seem to embrace stuff is such a bigger way than over here, we always lack a bit of enthusiasm!

  • Sophie

    Haha, that’s amazing! Why not have some pie with your vinyl? Sorry you were working, there’s always next year!

  • Guest

    Sadly, we don’t embrace Record Sales Day at all really. To us it seems like the UK really goes all out. You might get a few cities. LA and NY only have a few shops that really hype the day- but no 4 hour lines or waiting around the block!

  • Sophie

    That’s a shame! You should start a trend – take a couple of friends, sandwiches, flasks of coffee/tea and hang outside your local record store until it opens. The date is 19th April this year.
    You might even encourage others to join you. We always get passers by interested in what on Earth is going on ;)