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Make Jewellery Magazine

Just before Christmas 2012 I was suuuuuuper lucky enough to be featured in two magazines. Prior to this I had been a teeny peek on a page in a couple of publications, but Make Jewellery magazine was my first real feature including my name and everything!! :DD
As well as sharing my first real press feature I thought it would be fun to post the whole interview with Isa, including the answers that never made it to print. I hope you find some good advice amongst my ramblings and if you’ve got any advice to share, please do so in the comments or @me on Twitter!

Make Jewellery Magazine - Isa Maria Seminega

How did you start making jewellery?
Basically I discovered Etsy and amongst all the beautiful things you can buy that are ready to wear, there are hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous supplies to make your own pieces. I was intrigued, and desperate to have more of a creative outlet since leaving art college, so I bought up a tonne of things to play with and before I knew it I had way too many pieces and ideas to keep them all for myself. I literally learned everything I know along the way. I have no professional qualifications, just a big heart and a whole lot of determination.

When did you realise you wanted to do it full-time?
I’m not sure there was a defining moment for me it was more that I just want to be the best I can be. I admit when I started making jewellery it was just a hobby, but I am overwhelmed at how much it has taken over my life. I love the work I do so much. You have to believe in your products.

What steps are you taking to make your dream a reality?
It’s quite simple really – I just work really hard. I have to work around my day job so in the morning I take my product photos, pack up orders and post them on my way to work. At lunch I catch up online with enquiries/networking and after work I design and make my products.
I also believe that branding is very important to a business’ success so I tell my story wherever I go and make sure everything is streamlined from my websites to my packaging to the product inside etc. It’s such a competitive world out there so you need to be able to tell people why they should buy your products and not someone else’s.

Any tips to share with others hoping to take their business full-time?
Work harder than you ever thought possible. Start small. Find a small number of products and develop these into your best sellers. These will support your business while you work on new ones! Take risks. I have paid up front to selling venues without knowing whether I’ll make the money back and I have bought some expensive pieces of equipment, such as my DSLR camera. Obviously you have to be smart in these situations and weigh up the pros and cons, but if you never take these risks they will never pay off.

Make Jewellery Magazine Onetenzeroseven

The feature was organised and written by Isa Maria Seminega, a creative businesswoman who also runs the Noisette Academy; An online business school. Mostly though, she’s just a super sweet and lovely person. Thanks Isa!

Loves x xx

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