Joy Leeds New Season Soiree, Tonight 5pm

Last night I dropped in to see my friends at Joy The Store Leeds for a preview of the new season collection. They’re throwing a big party tonight with free cocktails, goody bags and will have stylists on hand who can help you decide on your look for this Summer. Their store manager, Hannah, talked me through the new pieces and new ideas from Joy’s brands and then we headed to Tiger Tiger’s Tiki themed bar for cocktails and a lovely chat.

Store Manager, Hannah Cosgriff, wearing the Leah dress (next to Leah in this season’s print).

Cats or dogs?
Tea or coffee?
Favourite cocktail?
A Dark & Stormy (rum and ginger)
Favourite city?
Leeds, that’s easy.
Favourite TV Show or Movie?
You’re going to laugh at me… Star Trek! I also love New Girl as well for a TV Show. (It was at this moment that I knew Hannah and I were going to get on well. It was becoming clear that she was my kind of fashion icon; geeky at heart, like me.)

Who or what is your style inspiration?
We’ve just talked about New Girl, but I would say Jess (Day, played by Zooey Deschanel) is exactly what a woman should be. She’s feminine and fun, but she still has an independent edge.
I always wear dresses, I hardly ever wear trousers or jeans. I’d only wear heels on date night. I do have a bit of an edge so I might wear a cute dress, but with a biker jacket. I have worked at lots of different brands and with each one you take a piece of it with you.

Joy Leeds take on the Nautical trend was my favourite collection in store. The fun prints and addition of teals and bright orangey reds make me long for last Summer in Portsmouth

What do you love most about Leeds?
I would have to say the friendliness! I’m from a small town and when I came here for Uni I immediately felt at home. There’s still that same sense of community and I always feel safe, no matter how many different areas of Leeds I’ve lived in. You get on a bus and you don’t quite have the right change, but the guy behind you is happy enough to hand you what you’re missing. It’s a fun place to live.
Food wise I recommend people visit Tiger Tiger (in The Light). It had a reputation as a student bar, but they’ve really done it up and it’s gorgeous now (it really is! I was surprised!!). They have 50% off food and drink offers so you can get a Surf & Turf (steak and lobster) at a great price. For a contrast I’m a Call lane girl (Oporto/Jakes etc) which is nice for a more independent bar and a quiet drink.

What’s your favourite piece from the new collection?
There’s this lace dress by Louche. As soon as it arrived in store I knew I had to have it. The detail and the tailoring is getting better and better and it’s a great fit. I really love that vintage, doll-like look and you can dress it down with a denim jacket and boots or create a hippy look with flowers in your hair.
The Chica dress is an old favourite, but it is reinvented every season with new prints and colours so everyone can put their own stamp on it. It’s a longer length for more self conscious girls, but has a great statement bow on the back. Everyone comes in and asks for it and it suits everyone. My housemate borrows mine!

Why did you want to work for Joy and what do you bring to the table?
Joy is a quirky, unique brand. At some stores you never see the manager, but at Joy you’re there in the thick of it on the fitting rooms. It’s the opposite of sterile.
I’m bubbly and enthusiastic, but I have a background working for bigger brands so I still bring that practicality and efficiency as well as fun. I think. I don’t know, you’ll have to ask them!

I loved this colour story from the Menswear section, particularly the tee tipped with detail on the turned back sleeve cuffs.

I always enjoy shopping at Joy Leeds, where other stores can be pretentious and intimidating. What do you look for in a member of the team?
You’ve got to have the right attitude; positive and upbeat and then it’s just that little extra spark. My team have a genuine interest in the customer and whether you’re full or part time, everyone is of the same standard. They have passion and give genuine advice to the customers. They feel like the shop is theirs.

How much input do you have in the stock you get in at Joy Leeds?
We know our customer so we give a lot of feedback to Head Office who really listen. It’s essentially a family run brand and I talk to the owners.
The Menswear has really taken off this season and we’ve introduced higher quality brands because the guys in Leeds are very fashionable. Joy support independant brands, designed in Britain. It’s about what’s quintessentially English. A lot of people want to move abroad, but you know what? England is actually really cool.

We recently introduced a size 16. The colours and styles appeal to curvy girls and the demand from the customer was fed back to Head Office. In some cases we have actually got the brands to start manufacturing in a size 16 when they didn’t before. We’ll always listen to our customers so if it the demand is there we’ll do our best to supply it. Every season is like the best collection we’ve ever had.

The New Season Soiree will be offering cocktails mixed up by Tiger Tiger, Leeds and you can pop next door for the full experience after the event.

As a store you make a better use of Twitter than most high street locals. How important do you think social media is in the running of Joy Leeds?
Probably not very. But interacting with the customers is great and it gives the brand a soft face. It’s a quick response time too, we get stock queries and can let people know what we have before they make the trip. And it’s fun! It’s always interesting listening to what other people have to say.
We’re just a bunch of girls running a clothes store. We just love clothes, that’s why we’re doing it.

Sum up Joy or Joy Leeds in 3-5 words.
The company motto is “love, life, laughter” so if I picked an extra 2 words for Joy Leeds it would be, “fabulous” and “genuine”. You might think being genuine is a boring thing. (Not at all!)

Hannah’s last thoughts astounded me, so I will leave you with those. I was really impressed with her outlook and she’s definitely a local fashion icon for me. Stop by the store and meet her and the team tonight, it will brighten up your day :))
I used to be quite shy and what changed that for me was learning to dress in a way that makes me feel good about myself. Fashion can be seen as being quite shallow, but we’re all just trying to make the world a better place. If a girl comes in who has just broken up with her boyfriend and you can help her pick out something that makes her feel good again, you’ve changed her world. It is having an impact on people’s lives.

New and improved Goody Bags for the first 50 attendees!

In my review of Joy Leeds’ last event I commented that the goody bags were a little dull as they mostly contained paper items. Well, this time you need to be sure you’re one of the first 50 from 5pm! They have really delivered this time with a gorgeous ‘Totes Joy’ tote bag containing samples from Lush, L’Occitane, The Body Shop and two mystery make-up samples from Boots that will be revealed today! There’s also your usual money off vouchers including not one, but two vouchers for Joy!

The event runs from 5pm-8pm with cocktails supplied by Tiger Tiger, Leeds. Be sure to dress your best as there will be a Style Stalker competiton and the best look will win £25 vouchers for Joy! You will receive a free raffle ticket with every purchase from the new collection and the prizes are adorable. There will also be Lush and Boots demonstrations and style advice from the lovely Joy Leeds team!

Don’t miss the event, you can even pop in straight from work or go home and have you tea first ;)  Don’t forget to print off your invite from here or the Joy Leeds Facebook Event and that’s where you can get all the information. See you there! Be sure to come and say hello if you read my blog :))

Loves x xx

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  • Polkadot Pink

    Love a cute dress and biker jacket combination! That polka dot dress and cardigan is lush! Next time I’m in Leeds I’ll be stopping by. Great post!

  • Alice Barton

    this looks like such a lovely place! I had never hear of that shop. gorgeous photos, so colourful and bright! xx

  • Sophie

    Ooh, yay! You’ll love it, I’m sure :) Thanks!!

  • Sophie

    It’s definitely one of my faves :)) Glad to be able to introduce you to them!