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Photography Tips; Confidence To Use Your DSLR

A few weeks ago someone asked on Twitter if anyone had any tips on how to be more comfortable using a “big girl camera”. It got me thinking… There are endless tutorials, e-courses and books on how to use a DSLR, but how about actually having the confidence to take it anywhere in the first place? Let’s face it, those dudes are huge and there’s no way you can be inconspicuous using one. I’m a very self conscious person, but I think I’ve come along way since I first bought my Nikon D3000 a few years ago. Whilst I’m by no means an expert, I’d like to share a few tips on how to become more at one with your DSLR.


– Don’t keep your DSLR in your handbag.
At least at first, don’t have your camera stored away. This eliminates the initial ‘do I or don’t I’ when in a potential photography situation, which I’ve found can be the hardest part of DSLR photography. Wear your camera around your neck or slung on your shoulder so it’s already to hand when a photo opportunity strikes. You could also invest in a gorgeous camera strap… or several ;) – an extra accessory!!

Convert your camera strap into a comfy sling style | Photojojo

– Use noisy locations.
If you’re going to be taking pictures in a public space, try starting out somewhere loud. There’s nothing more embarrassing, as a self conscious photographer, than the clunk of the shutter as you try to capture the moment. Instead of taking your DSLR to an acoustic gig, start off with something a bit heavier. Instead of a silent auditorium, try a bustling local pub. Of course if the subject you want to photograph is an acoustic musician there is no way to avoid this, but the more you practise, the more comfortable you will become when that situation arises.

– Set yourself achievable goals.
A challenge such as a photo 365 is a great way to grow more comfortable with your camera. Of course, taking a photo every day for a year is a huge commitment so try starting smaller. Perhaps a photo a day for a week? The easier to achieve your set goals, the better you will feel when you accomplish them and the more confident you will become. As it becomes easier to reach your goals, be sure to increase the difficulty and take yourself out of your comfort zone.

Bohemian SLR Camera Strap | Capturing Couture

– Ditch the iPhone.
If you rely heavily on your smartphone’s camera for the photo opportunities you miss with your DSLR, try leaving your phone at home. I know in this day and age this can be a difficult task, but you could go for a walk or take a trip to the local town for a few hours without your phone. I bet you’ll find it quite refreshing and without Facebook, Twitter or e-mail in your pocket there’ll be more time for photography!

– Buy yourself something pretty.
The perfect scenario. Treat yourself to a fancy camera bag, guilt free! If you haven’t got the budget, ask friends and family to buy you something for a birthday or convert an existing handbag to a nifty camera bag yourself. Instead of being embarrassed lugging around a rather dull ‘traditional’ black canvas camera bag, own something exciting to house your DSLR so you’ll be encouraged to take it out with you. I recently found a perfect home for my Nikon in TK Maxx and now I want to take it everywhere!

Perfectly sized for my Nikon D3000 and an extra lens | Nica at TK Maxx

 The  more you use your DSLR, the more you’ll want to. The quality of the photographs and the scope to be creative are second to none and you’ll notice just how many other people take out their own DSLR. Once I started using my Nikon, I saw them hanging around necks everywhere and felt encouraged to take mine to the same locations. And at the end of the day, you’re not likely to see any of these people again… One flash of your camera and you’re gone.

If you’ve got any great tips or stories of how you can become more confident using a ‘big girl (or boy!) camera’ please share them in the comments or tweet at me if you prefer :) Loves x xx

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Onetenzeroseven: Spring Collection

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Here’s a peek at my early Spring Collection for 2013. I really wanted to show your typical Spring like candy pink and pastels against this gorgeous warm wood reminiscent of Summer boho and hippie looks. Pile on the bangles down your arm and wear flowers in your hair (and your ears!) as you sway to the music at this year’s festivals. Hang those wayfarer’s round your neck as your picnic in an oversized voile tunic or your boyfriend’s shirt over a 50s retro bikini.

I’d love to know your favourite piece :)) Happy Spring!!
Loves x xx

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