Stupid Cupid Event at Joy The Store, Leeds

Joy The Store has been one of my favourite places to shop since I first discovered it when they came to The Light in Leeds. They have several stores and are also online. Full of cutesy prints, beautiful fabrics, kooky gifts and reasonable prices – Joy seems to offer something when every other shop on the high street is like the who’s who of fashion garbage ;)

On Thursday night, Joy Leeds ran an anti-valentines event. The poster spoke of “like-minded singles” but I want to get involved in more local events and support more local businesses so myself and Boyfriend went along to have a peek.

When we arrived it was like walking into a ghost town, not a single other shopper was in the store. Don’t get me wrong, that is by far the way I prefer to shop, but I was surprised. I was expecting a big, busting event where I could slip in and take some photos of the fun without being noticed.

An example competition entry, by Joy HQ

A beautiful shop assistant with quirky specs handed me a paper heart to fill in with a message; a winning ‘heart’ would be chosen to receive a £100 voucher. As I wondered around some more another gorgeous member of staff came over with some free cocktails (strong, too!!) and we had a nice chat about Joy, the event and her home town of Newcastle. For sure Joy isn’t the kind of place where the staff look down on you and I think that’s a rare find. As someone who is socially awkward, I felt really at ease with them and the shopping environment.

(My jumper is from Dorothy Perkins)

The store layout and decor is fantastic, it’s such a fun and inspiring atmosphere that is very inviting and the staff obviously work hard to keep it neat and tidy. There are even sofas outside the changing rooms for your men folk or girly friends to relax while you try, none of this plastic seat rubbish ;)

As I browsed more shoppers came and went and speaking to the staff it seemed the event was busier when it began at 5pm and had died down as it was getting late. The night was put on to highlight their promotion of 10% off all sales items and to celebrate the new collection launch. It was so refreshing not to see racks and racks of geometric and tribal printed clothing that haunts the highstreet so much these days. I absolutely loved their new homeware items which were a sea of retro orange and turquoise with sweet animal prints that would go perfectly in our newly spruced up living room.

I fell in love with a gorgeous fifties style paisley print dress, which is my absolute pick of their new collection and a very purse friendly £55. Even the accompanying belt was styled to match.
Unfortunately it didn’t fit. As it turned out the cut of the dress was.. very wrong, for me. I have no idea how the fit has been for other ladies, but there just wan’t enough room in the bust area despite there being extra room at the back around my shoulder blades. It’s OK though, I’m holding out hoping that the print will be introduced in other garments!!
Instead of the dress I treated myself to a beautiful necklace that I was later informed is made ethically in Kenya. Double bonus! I didn’t get a photo, but I’m sure it will be featuring in an upcoming outfit post :)

Another stunning and super sweet assistant excitedly handed me a goodie bag.. where do they find their staff? Seriously. At first I thought the ‘goodies’ left a lot to be desired. When I worked at French Connection we would hold events in the evening and hand out bags containing beauty products, magazines and jewellery from the new collection – one time we even added a miniature bottle of whiskey! However on closer inspection there was a free weekend pass to the Virgin Active gym and a voucher for money off a hair cut tucked away inside. It was just a shame the bag was mostly paper items and flyers, which made it look a little drab.

Overall the event was nothing like I expected it to be. Not in a negative way; I’m happy to have attended and spoke to a few members of staff, one of which had heard I was coming from Twitter. Joy Leeds really make an effort with their social media and interactions (you can follow them, here) and it seems like there could be a lot of fun to be had with them in the future. Well done, Joy Leeds team! I hope we meet again :)

Loves x xx

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  • Joanna Yeoman

    Oooh, lovely shop! Having a peek online now! :-) x

  • Sophie

    Yay! I really do love Joy so much! Most of my ‘going out’ dresses are by Louche, their own brand! :)