Ditsy Florals and a Lace Skulll

I love a Winter’s afternoon, with the sun low in the sky and breathing in the crisp air whilst crunching the fallen leaves beneath my feet, but mostly I have been wondering how on Earth it’s December already. I haven’t really done any Wintery stuff like visiting the German market for Bailey’s Hot Chocolate and a Bratwurst or going Christmas shopping in an evening when the sky is already black and the tacky Christmas lights glare above my head. Instead I have been overwhelmed with the success of my ‘ickle handmade jewellery business and dreaming of next year when I’ll (now) hopefully have the money to expand into new designs and products… whilst having the time to expand. I haven’t even seen friends in weeks; it’s a crazy, crazy time.

Mummy Oneten bought me this jumper for my birthday and I love it! It’s so versatile and comfy and who doesn’t love cute lil’ skulls? (Just me? Oh, OK then.) I love the lace effect detail too and dressing it with a cute floral skater dress keeps it girly and fun. Whilst I have a plethora of skull prints and gothic style items in my closet, I’m the sort of girl who will purposefully wear a girly, floral dress to a grungy venue for a gig, because it’s OK for girly girls to like dirty bars and heavy music, y’know? And it’s fun mixing styles :)
My lightening bolt bracelet is by lovely Jade over at Ginger Pickle. Storms are one of my favourite things ever, I love watching them from inside a cosy house and I’m fascinated by the imagery, so I fall for anything ‘stormy’.

 Lace Skull Jumper | Debenhams
Floral Skater Dress | old season Dorothy Perkins | Similar
Leggings | Next
Leather Ankle Boots | old season Ugg Australia
Peace Bracelet | holiday souvenir from Spain
Lightening Bolt Bracelet | Ginger Pickle
Glasses | Missoni at Specsavers

Loves x xx

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