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Discover Paper; Artist Spotlight, Jackie Huang

“The passion launches from the pages of her website and I can almost feel the burning in her heart making mine burn brighter.”

My first guest blog post is available online over at the Discover Paper blog!! I chose to spotlight paper artist, Jackie Huang, whose work I discovered on Etsy and is fast becoming one of my favourite artists. I love her outlook on life and art. Go, read and be sure to leave me a comment to let me know what you think!

Loves x xx

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Remember, Remember the Things of November…

I have some fun news to share today, but first a story…

November is Movember and thousands of guys across the globe are sporting a ‘tash this month in support of prostate and testicular cancer awareness.
Last year, when Boyfriend took part in the affair, I wanted to show some support myself as a lady who wasn’t physically able to grow a moustache… (and thank God for that!)

So as a jewellery (hand)maker I turned to my craft and developed a special edition earring design with some profits donated to Movember. I sold out in days and so I made more. Together me and my customers raised £36 for the cause :)) Brought back by popular demand, the Moustache Earrings were born and became part of the fixtures at fittings over at onetenzeroseven | shop , becoming more popular than I ever imagined. Since then the Moustache Earrings took on another form, cut from birch plywood and stained a lovely walnut brown, both designs are now available from onetenzeroseven outlets and as is tradition, every November a percentage of sales will be donated to the Movember cause so ladies everywhere can support their gentlemen friends and support Movember.

My friends at liked the new design so much they kindly featured them in their e-mailer, “Bristling with great ideas: our sellers support Movember” along with other sellers donating profits to the cause.

In other news, I am very excited to announce that I will be guest posting over at the Discover Paper blog in the months of November and December! Paper and stationary have always been big loves of mine and so I’ve been having fun delving into my paper supplies cupboard dreaming up fun DIYs and waxing lyrical about paper artists that fill my heart with joy :) Follow me and/or Discover Paper on Twitter to be first to hear when my ramblings are published.

Also.. November is my birthday month! :D

I have a couple of other ventures up my sleeve for before Christmas and in the new year and I can’t wait to share the news with you all. Exciting things are happening at Camp Oneten… now let’s all have a celebratory cuppa!

Loves x xx

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