A Cute Satchel & Tribal Feets

Cute Satchel/Yumi
Retro Brooch/LadybirdLikes
Slubby Tee/Apricot
Geometric Knit /Joy The Store
Skinny Jeans, Tribal Feets/Free People UK

I’ve been trying not to shop this month. I had lunch with an old friend yesterday who used to share my passion for clothes shopping. We both worked at French Connection back in the day and would spend a fortune on our ‘uniforms’ come payday. She’s moved out of the country now so I hadn’t seen her for actual years. She greeted me wearing a stunning cream tartan three piece suit and we talked about how it’s not important to us anymore to throw our money at party dress after dress after dress when we never really have the opportunities to wear them. I’d much rather throw on a cute floral printed day dress with heels and a leather jacket for a night with the girls than buy a yearly ‘Christmas Party Dress’ full of sequins and glitz that I wear once and bury in my wardrobe.

Having said that, not shopping is hard for a girl who is so passionate about putting outfits together ;) I will have to live vicariously through you guys – let me know if you get something from my picks, won’t you? Free People have recently launched a UK store and I’m yet to make a purchase *squirms* but I’m trying to be practical in my old age!! Even my window shopping is a casual look and was inspired by the satchel – a practical piece I would actually find useful!

In the new year I want to grow my Indie Business, so I’m saving as many pennies as possible. Things are changing and whilst they may feel dull and stressful right now, it’s working towards something great! …I hope ;)

Loves x xx

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