Recipe: Chicken and Chorizo Jambalaya

This recipe was born of a want to cook something fun for Boyfriend and my lovely Bestie to say thank you for putting up with my scatterbrained busyness! I admit, I mainly chose this because I love the word Jambalaya! There’s a fair number of ingredients and it takes a wee bit of time, but a Jambalaya is still pretty easy – you just throw all the ingredients in a pot and let it cook itself. The result is super tasty and it’s good for you! This recipe serves 4.


Frying Pan
Large Pot/Pan
Wooden Spoon
Sharp Knife
Chopping Board


A large chicken breast
A chorizo ring
A butternut squash
An onion
Olive oil (a couple of splashes)
Tin of chopped tomatoes (400g)
Knorr Chicken Stock Pot
Very Lazy Garlic (2 teaspoons)
Cajun seasoning (1 tablespoon)
Rice (250g)

Step One

The trick with this recipe is preparation! So the first step is to chop up all the ingredients.

Take the butternut squash and chop off the bulbus end (I throw this away as it is mainly full of seeds and there is always plenty in the slim end!). Then slice the top from the other side and peel with a potato peeler. When you’re left with a chunk of peeled butternut squash you need to chop this up. It doesn’t have to be pretty, Jambalaya is a nice homely meal so my chunks are all different shapes and sizes!

Chop up the onion and slice up the chorizo and keep to one side.

Step Two

Slice up the chicken, heat a frying pan, add a splash of oil and fry until golden. Remove from the pan and set aside.

Step Three

Add another splash of oil to the pan and fry the onion for 3-4 minutes.
Add the chorizo, butternut squash, garlic and cajun seasoning. Fry for 4-5 minutes, stirring frequently.

A fantastic invention! One teaspoon is one clove of garlic.

Step Four

Boil the kettle and add 300ml of water to the jug containing the stock pot. Mix.

Step Five

Start to heat the large pan/pot and add the chopped tomatoes, stock, uncooked rice and chicken. Then add the rest of the ingredients from the frying pan and reduce to a simmer.
Simmer for 20-25 minutes or until rice is cooked to taste and sauce is reduced. Stir frequently to avoid the jambalaya sticking to the bottom of the pan.

Step Six

Serve with salad and garlic bread. Enjoy.

This is a lovely, hearty meal for the Winter months and is super easy to make a big pot and keep some for lunch at work or a quick leftovers tea when there is just the two of you. It’s also great for entertaining as you can leave it to cook while you have a chat with a glass of wine :))

Loves x xx


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