Cosy Layering and Crispy Leaves

My Grandad always kept the most beautiful garden. Out the front of my Nan and Grandad’s house was the yard which was scattered with pretty plants and bushes. There was a an old hula hoop fixed up with a piece of tubing hanging on the wall and I would play with it in the yard on Sundays.
Out the back seemed like an enchanted forest to me; You could get lost amongst the colours and life. On rare occasions we’d sit out there together and it’s where a beloved photo of me and my Nanny was taken :)

One day after school I came home with a project. I had to grow a sunflower and the best one would win. Me and my Grandad grew that sunflower in my garden at home and, although we didn’t win, it’s something I always remember fondly about him. Sunflowers always remind me of my Grandad so when I found this sunflower necklace by Damson Tree Pottery on Etsy I had to have it, even though I’m supposed to be saving for a new iPhone and Christmas!

High Waisted Jeans – Miss Selfridge (£10 off!)
Fairisle Jumper Dress – Yumi | Similar
Boots & Socks – Office/Marks and Spencers (old season)
Cardigan – Ark (menswear) | Similar
Necklace – Damson Tree Pottery
Headband – Miss Bell UK
Glasses – Missioni at Specsavers

I love wrapping up for the cold weather! I finally feel like myself again when pull on my boots over some knee socks and pile on layers of fairisle and oversized men’s cardigans. I think I have the opposite of SAD. When the cold whether rolls around I feel so much better, it’s when the warm nights close in that I feel, well, sad ;) This headband by Miss Bell UK is perfect for the cold weather! It keeps my ears toasty and warm, but doesn’t make my head too hot like full hats do. And I love the cute knot in the middle :))

Obligatory cute pup shot. Isn’t he adorable?

I’m so excited by the crisp morning air and grabbing a coat, hat and scarf as I run out of the door. There are so many more opportunities for fun outfits when you can layer and I love taking a cute floral summer dress and turning it into a cosy winter outfit. Just because it’s cold out there doesn’t mean clothing has to be dull.

What’s your favourite thing to wear in Winter? Feel free to link me to your own outfit posts!

Loves x xx


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  • Joanna Yeoman

    I totally agree, Sophie! I love autumn and winter and feel much fresher and alive in those months! Lovely outfit btw!
    Jo :-) x

  • Marieanne Cavaciuti

    Gorgeous outfit and lovely blog!
    Thanks so much for including my sunflower pendant it is so lovely to see it with a whole outfit like that :D
    Love missB’s headband too great winter combination!
    Very inspiring!

  • ashliep

    This is a perfect fall outfit! Your pup is super adorable too <3



    Southern (California) Belle

  • Sophie

    Thanks Jo :)

  • Sophie

    Thank you. You are most welcome :) I absolutely love it!

  • Sophie

    Thank you! Hehe, he’s curled up beside me snoring right now ;)

  • Gemma Doherty

    I love the fairisle pattern on that jumper dress – gorgeous! For me it definitely has to be layers in winter… any jumpers, cardigans, or knitted dresses I can get my hands on. Best time of year for clothes!

    Gemm xx

  • Sophie

    I wholeheartedly agree with that! I had a nice hour yesterday wandering round a few shops and squishing all the lovely jumpers and knitwear :)) A/W fashion is the best!! x xx

  • caughtonawhim

    Thick fuzzy socks are a winter must for me. Might not be the most fashionable, but you gotta keep those feet warm. :)

  • danhowarth

    Remember how he kept lemonade bottles full of water in the front yard, for scaring cats away?

  • Sophie

    Hah! Amazing…

  • Sophie

    Ooh, yes! Love socks.. as I realised today while cleaning out my sock drawer, lol :)