Richmond Tea Rooms, Manchester

Yesterday I took the train to Manchester to see some friends. We had afternoon tea at Richmond Tea Rooms, an Alice in Wonderland themed tea room on Richmond Street.

The decor was delightful, full of mis-match from it’s furniture to it’s crockery. In a corner, a sideboard was cramped with unusual lamps, candles and associated decor. Across the back wall laid a curtained section with an almost boudoir feel, perfect for large parties, and tucked in the corner by the entrance is an indoor conservatory with shabby wall hangings and wire chairs scattered with cushions.

I ordered an English Breakfast tea with a friend which came in a large spotted tea pot, and waited for my prawn & avocado sandwich. My friend ordered the rarebit (cheese on toast with mustard and worcestershire sauce) which made my mouth water, spread on it’s doorstep toast.

After an hour, we moved tables as some of the tables had been reserved for a party. Apart from saving us a table so we could stay longer, I’m afraid the service wasn’t that great. I felt that at least one member of staff was almost rude and the other staff members seemed distant, not wanting to interact with customers. I assume this was a result of a busy Saturday afternoon in the tea rooms and not an accurate representation of their customer service.

We had cake, chosen from the cabinet. I opted for a small cupcake, where my friends had cake slabs with ice cream or cream. I was shocked to find all desserts were charged at £3.70 when the bill came. My cupcake was certainly not worth that price tag, especially in comparison to the other cakes and as the sponge was a little dry.

It was a lovely afternoon, though, and I’d definitely visit again, but this time I’d avoid the cupcakes ;)

I love how lowlight photography provides such a fun base for a vintage effect. No photographs are ever mistakes, just a little photoshop and you can salvage almost anything!

Did anyone take a trip this weekend and discover their own underground treasures? Please share!

Loves x xx

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  • Tracy


    You have an adorable blog and i need to go to that tea room! AMAZING!!!


  • Jo

    Oh what a lovely day drip, despite the dry sponge! I was busy taking snaps all weekend, some of which included the incredible Sunday morning I woke up to:

    Jo :-) x

  • Sophie

    Thanks so much Tracy! You definitely should… they also have a 20s style bar in the evenings, but I didn’t manage to see what it was like in there! x xx

  • Sophie

    Seen your pics! :) It’s nice when you have an unexpectedly lovely moment or day out! x xx

  • Lucia Mascotelli

    I can’t believe my eyes, it’s just my dream place!

    It such a pity that the sponge of your cupcake was dry, even because when you pay loads of money for it, you expect it to be if not excellent, at least very good!

    If I would, hopefully, find myself in Manchester, though, I want absolutely to go there! Seems a nice experience, but maybe, as you said, in a quiter day. hopefully the service would be better!