Free People are coming to the UK!!

I’m so excited that Free People are coming to the UK. I’ve been signed up to their mailing list for weeks waiting for them to announced the big move. I wish I could say I’ve saved up for a big spree, but unfortunately I’ve been hit with a large unexpected bill as I dropped my iPhone in a mug of tea and it’s a little broken :/

Some of my Free People faves!

Free People are looking for a UK It Girl to dress up in their collection for a whole year. You can see more information here, but the deadline was yesterday for entries. I entered, but didn’t get selected for the final stage. I’m disappointed for sure, but not at all surprised ;) Anyway I’m super excited to be able to buy Free People goodies without getting stung by customs.. some of their dresses over $100 are divine, but I never dared try to get them shipped over as the customs charge would probably be almost as much as the dress. I bought some socks and a vest from their US store, but got a customs bill for £28. Ouch.

You can head over to the Free People UK landing page, here to sign up to their mailing list or you can join in the fun of which finalist you would choose as the Free People UK It Girl over at their blog.

Get saving! ;) x xx

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  • Emily Spada

    How exciting! Free People is sold in a department store near me. I usually look for sales because I can’t really afford their clothes at regular retail price :/

  • Emily Spada

    Free People is in a department store near me. I like their clothes, but I usually have to look for sales because I can’t really afford their normal retail price. :/

  • Sophie

    Oh totally. Wherever I shop I look for sales. There’s this place in Covent Garden, London that I absolutely adore, but I’m not sure I’ve ever paid full price in there. Even then it’s a total treat.

    It’s nice to have the luxury, though ;) And my birthday is coming up.. perhaps I’ll have an all Free People wish list :))

  • Alina

    Hi darling, i didn’t know this brand before:) Wonderful dresses:)
    Kisses, Alina

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  • Sophie

    Thanks for dropping by :))

  • DressCode:HighFashion

    It`s always exciting when our fashion-horizon broadens!

    Best, Jen