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This was our last day in Cyprus, but one of my favourite moments of the holiday. We spent the morning by the pool in the complex, Boyfriend and I played pool volleyball, we had breakfast on the balcony and then we got all packed up to head to Cape Greco before having dinner on the way to the airport.

Cape Greco is a happy place. It’s almost completely untouched. We drove down there along a dusty road, passed a lone bus stop and a scattering of folk wandering down the long path to the sea. When we got to the edge of the rocks on foot there was a small group, snorkling in the bay. The odd article of clothing left where it fell.

I felt really peaceful there.

This holiday taught me a few things; That it’s OK to stop. That it’s OK to do nothing. It reminded me that there is beauty and a whole world out there, a feeling that inspires me to travel every day. Some day I’m gonna see that world. But mostly it taught me that you can never run away from your problems, that as soon as you get back they’ll be waiting for you and if you never return you’ll find new ones. You can’t escape yourself, you can only make change.

Tunic | Next
Leggings | Next
Necklace | Topshop | Similar
Shoes | (Donated by Mum!)
Bangle | Vintage

Photos of me by Boyfriend

I grabbed this entire outfit on the evening before we left for Cyprus. I went last minute bikini shopping which was, a quite upsetting, disaster. I’m very unhappy with my body right now and finding a bikini that reflects you, that is the right size and the right shape and support for you.. right at the end of the season? Not easy. I tried the leggings and tunic on in a bid to cheer myself up and it worked! Even more amazingly, the smaller size fit me in both items! I loved the colours in the tunic, they really screamed ‘late summer’ to me. When the sun is low in the sky and sprinkles everything with a warm, golden glow. I felt good in myself for the first time in a very long time.

x xx

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  • Cris Loureiro

    Lovely post, beautiful outfit. One day I will visit Greece it’s an aimed destination for me. But for now I will stay and deal with all the problems :)

  • Carolynn

    I love your leggings and hair. Sounds like you had fun. :)

  • Sophie

    Thanks sweetie! I hope you get to visit Greece soon <3

  • Sophie

    Thanks so much, dear :))


    I adore your funky style! Great blog!

  • Sophie

    Ah, thanks so much :))

  • Gemme Sorbet

    you’ve made me want to visit Greece even more it looks stunning.. I want a relaxing break with my boyfriend too now! lovely photos xx

  • Sophie

    Oh, Cyprus is absolutely gorgeous! I have a tonne for photos to share from my trip. You should definitely go if you get the chance :))

    And thanks! x xx

  • Christina Lauren

    Pretty top & necklace! Thanks for your kind words and support – much appreciated. Following your lovely blog now.