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DIY: Mini Bunting

Bakers Twine
Fabric Tape

Ruler or tape measure

Washi tape or Blu-Tac or nails & hammer
Wooden/plastic chopping board or other flat surface

Step One
Decide on the length of your bunting. If you want to hang it somewhere special, measure the space and add on a few extra cm to each side. You can always trim the twine afterwards, but you can’t make it longer! Cut a length of twine this length.

Step Two
Decide on the spacing you would like between flags. I spaced mine 2cm apart. Measure the width of your fabric tape and calculate how many flags you are going to need.

Step Three
Cut your fabric tape strips. You can make the flags as long as you like, but I recommend cutting the strips to 4cm to allow for enough pattern to show through and be able to shape your bunting nicely.

Step Four
Lay down your twine flat. You may want to secure the ends to keep it taught with some tape or Blu-Tac. You need to keep the twine in the same place otherwise your flags will not hang down in the same way, causing you to have some poking up and some hanging down.
I used the grooves of the wooden table to help me keep the twine in the exact middle. If you don’t have this option, you could use two pieces of Blu-Tac or some more tape to create two parallel lines equidistant from the twine at each side.. then you can place your tape strips in between the two lines. I recommend you use a wooden or plastic (or tiled? etc) surface to create the bunting on so that the tape doesn’t get irreversibly stuck to the object.

Step Five
Peel off the backing from the fabric tape and carefully place in position along the twine. You can either place all your strips first and then tape them around the twine or you can tape them round before placing the next strip. Take care when taping the strips around the twine as fabric tape is difficult to peel apart once stuck to itself.

Step Six
Repeat the process for the length of the twine, leaving enough bare twine at each end for hanging. You can now either keep your mini bunting as is and hang it up proudly.. or you can shape the flags by cutting out a triangle, starting from each bottom corner and cutting a small line into the centre.

Step Seven
Your bunting is now complete. As it is so light, you can hang your bunting using Blu-Tac, Sellotape, washi tape or by hammering a nail into your chosen surface and tying the ends of the twine around this.
As I live in rented accommodation, I find washi tape to be the best solution as I can tape objects to the wall and remove them without leaving a mark. And it’s pretty ;)
You can even buy some tiny wooden pegs and use your mini bunting as a noticeboard for business cards and/or other lightweight items.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! I would love to see any images of the items you make from this tutorial. You can share these in the comments below, by posting them on my Facebook page or by emailing me at sophie[at]onetenzeroseven[dot]com.

Loves x xx

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The Five WOWs; #2

I can’t wait to try this super awesome photo lantern DIY from Photojojo. I absolutely love everything that Photojojo do and just to top off how seriously amazing they are, when I received a recent order from their online store I found a teeny dinosaur had sneaked his way into my parcel! <3

I have a love/hate relationship with eBay, but after looking around for some decent summer clothes and not really finding anything that stood out I decided to update my summer wardrobe from eBay instead. I found some great pieces for next to nothing including the brogues and nautical striped dress instagrammed above, as well as a beautiful floral and lace dress for under £3 that I’m looking forward to outfit posting :) Who says you have to spend a fortune to look great and keep cool? ;)

Image from TeamGB on Facebook

During the whole organising process I was just getting more and more irritated by the adverts from companies not even remotely related to the Olympics using it as their main ad campaign. I was horrified at the thought of going down to London during the madness, not being able to get a place to stay in the capital for less than £300 and quite frankly I just couldn’t give less of a crap. Fast forward to last night when myself and Boyfriend watched our medals roll in which resulted in us jumping up and down, screaming at the tele and hugging. I had no idea the Olympics were going to be this awesome. We won 6 Gold medals and 1 Silver medal yesterday and the best part was the reaction of the athletes and their interviews and seeing their excitement roll out into their Twitter account bios etc. They’re so damn polite and humble. I just love being British and being surrounded by that.

This super cool photograph I took of the inside of my Cider bottle. I always wondered what the point of Instagram was in a sea of social networks, but since I got an account it has really helped me to photo diary images I would never have taken before.

I’m really excited that Boyfriend’s band, Minaret, have released their first album for free download. You can also stream the album from their website. My favourite track is ‘Another Place’ which is one of those songs that you didn’t realise was the one thing missing from your life, until you hear it. I love that feeling! I’m so pleased these guys have finally got their music out into the world as they are so bloody good at what they do, despite struggling to get together while living spread across three cities. Come along and see them play at The Brickyard, Carlisle on August 31st.

 Loves x xx

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