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I just want more, is that a crime?

These photographs were taken a few weeks ago when it was glorious sunshine here in the UK. I had returned from the BB UK Tour and was just settling back into my routine. I have a weird stress disorder that plays havoc with my body; When I’m apprehensive or away from my regular routine (And I HATE routine in general. Go figure.) my stomach gets crazy and swollen and this was the first day I began to feel like I looked OK again, despite still opting for the baggy top and tights.

My body hates being away from home and home cooked food and to be perfectly honest with myself I never feel as right as when I’m on my own sofa or snuggled in my own bed. Even when I’ve been in New York I’ve been insanely ill and my body is desperate to be home, even though my heart is screaming out to stay. I don’t think I’ll ever find that inner peace in my own body… I think it says a lot about who I am in general. Never happy, never satisfied. I just want more, is that a crime?

Speaking of wanting more, this is the street near my house that I’m in love with. It’s right off the park where we walk the Frank!Dog and despite being surrounded by the student area in which I live and it being right off the main road opposite a school.. somehow it’s completely peaceful and still.
I adore the cobbled streets, I adore where the moss grows in the gaps. I love the overhang of the trees and that every house is different. I love that the houses are huuuge with beautiful gardens and yards for your (imaginary)car. I can see myself living here, with a music studio in the basement that fills the whole house with a hum of beautiful sounds and a craft room on the second floor with huge windows letting in the natural light. A gorgeous bedroom in the attic without any clutter of day to day life where you can relax and watch the rain drumming on the neighboring rooftops, and a cute farmhouse kitchen with herbs lining the windowsills sitting in vintage tea canisters.

I’m desperate to live in a world where I can have more, where I can make anything happen. I want to see the world. I’m a big advocate for charities, though I want to work with them rather than just hand them money. I want to build businesses and create jobs. I want to provide a platform for struggling artists to put out and promote their music… and that’s just off the top of my head.

But I’m not selfish enough to just have it handed to me, I’m more than willing to work for it. You just get to a stage where you wonder if all that work is doing any good at all, y’know? But I guess… if all your dreams came true, what would there be to dream about?

Shorts | Miss Selfridge | Similar
Retro Print Top | Matalan
Cardigan | Forever Unique | Similar
Shoes | Dorothy Perkins | Similar

Photos by Boyfriend

Loves x xx

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Recipe; Fiery Lime Chicken Nachos with Avocado & Jalapenos

fiery lime chicken nachos with avocado and jalapenos recipeServes 2 as a main meal or 4 as a side dish | Total cooking time approx 30 minutes

As this is my very first recipe post, let me start off by saying I am by no means a chef. Whilst I absolutely adore great tasting food, I’m not usually into cooking AT ALL. In fact, it kind of bores me and I’m useless in the kitchen. But short of having millions of pounds and the metabolism of a goat I’m unable to eat out every night or get a wonderful chef to cook for me!

So what I really need are quick and easy recipes that taste great and require little to no skill. And that’s the kind of recipes you’ll find here on my blog :)

225g bag of Doritos (*or your choice of nacho chips)
200g bag of grated emmental cheese (*or your choice of cheese)
1 avocado
half a jar of jalapeno peppers
1 large chicken breast
1 tablespoon paprika
1 tablespoon chilli flakes
1 tablespoon sea salt
2 limes
splash of oil

Oven proof dish
Frying pan
Wooden spoon
Sharp knife
Chopping board
Bowl for mixing

fiery lime chicken nachos with avocado and jalapenos recipe

Step One – Prepare your ingredients.
I don’t have a juicer so I chopped the limes into eighths and squeezed them by hand into my bowl. (I told you, I’m in no way a chef! :P)
Make sure you chop the lime & avocado first and the chicken second to avoid contamination. Don’t worry about getting lime juice on the chicken, this is our intention.
Slice the chicken into chunks or strips according to your preference (I got Boyfriend to do this because I can’t touch raw chicken. I tell you, it’s a laugh a minute when I’m in the kitchen!)

fiery lime chicken nachos with avocado and jalapenos recipe

Step Two – Coat your chicken.
Now you have your lime squeezed into a bowl, also add your paprika, chilli flakes and salt. Mix.
Add your chicken and coat with ingredients. I mixed the chicken around the bowl with the wooden spoon for several minutes to soak up as much as possible.

fiery lime chicken nachos with avocado and jalapenos recipe

Step Three – Fry your chicken.
Add a splash of oil to your frying pan and heat to a medium-high heat. Pour in the contents of the bowl. Cook for approx 10 minutes or until the chicken is cooked and the sauce has significantly reduced. Stir regularly. To check if it’s cooked, slice the thickest piece of chicken you have in half. It must be completely white inside.

fiery lime chicken nachos with avocado and jalapenos recipe

Step Four – Layer your nachos.
Add layers of nacho chips, jalapenos and cheese to your taste.
We started with a layer of doritos then a sprinkle of jalapenos, a layer of cheese, a layer of doritos, a second sprinkle of jalapenos, a layer of cheese, a final layer of doritos, and a topping of avocado. Keep back some cheese to sprinkle on top of your chicken.

Step Five – Top your nacho tower with the cooked fiery lime chicken and add a final layer of cheese.

Step Six – Pop in the oven at 180°C for approx 10 minutes or until your cheese is adequately melted.

Step Seven – Enjoy. With several hundred glasses of water ;)

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and will find it useful. I also think the fiery lime chicken would be great on it’s own in a crusty baguette with jalapenos and salad or on top of a bed of spicy rice.

I would love to know if you try this recipe, please leave me a comment and share some photos if you can :)) And as this is my first recipe I would appreciate any feedback on how easy this was to follow. Thanks!

Loves x xx

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