For The Love of Tea

Tea Leaf Infuser | Arta

I drink at least five cups of tea each day. And it has to be Yorkshire Tea. In a way I think I started drinking so much tea to feel close to my Nan, who sadly died when I was just 11. Nan drank a lot of tea and it was like her philosophy, or something. Anyway, it’s such a part of my life now that I couldn’t bear to be without it. It’s like an addiction, but not for caffeine, for that happy, nostalgic feeling and the hope of ‘life as it will be, after this cuppa has solved all my problems‘ ;)

Teacup Bookcase | WoodCurve

Vintage Teacup Note Cards | Lavandula Vera Studio

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  • Pam Southernwood

    earl grey for me please!  I love your tea themed finds, especially the bookcase!

  • Imynda

    Aw sweet blog post. And gorgeous finds. x

  • Dayz

    Mmmm Yorkshire Tea, like my proper Nan tea. x

  • Kasia Ki

    i love tea too, but never drink the Yorkshire one:) Anyway thank you for the featuring my cards in this lovely blog post:):):)

  • Thesequinnedsheep

    Not a tea drinker myself, but loving the pictures you’ve got here and I can see how tea can be soothing

  • Curiousmissclay

    This made me laugh I remeber when I first started talking to you.It was wierd to you that I didnt drink tea atal.Im now a convert I have to have a cup of tea in the evening haha! You are to blame!!
    Also on your advice I did try yorkshire tea and didnt like it atal lol.

  • Rebecca’s Emporium

    Mmmm tea!!!! :)I wish the tea at work didn’t taste so horrible, otherwise I’d be non stop. In fact (please don’t give me tea evils) I can’t remember the last time I had a cuppa! :'(
    I need to sort this out asap!

  • Linn Rafferty

    I like tea too and although I love Yorkshire, I have to accept that it doesn’t really come from Yorkshire though LOL

  • Elle

    I was wondering….do u like tea??? lol super nice designs tho =D

  • Beki

    Hello it’s Beki from Etsy, I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogging award! (Just for a little bit of fun!) You can pick up your award over here…

  • Sophie

     Aww thank you, love! :)