An Ode To My Laptop

Spending some quality time with my ol’ Macbook, Taylor this evening (Giving names to inanimate objects that you love more than is acceptable, FTW). Taylor is about 6/7 years old and despite having a dead battery and being full to bursting he still functions amazingly. When I’ve saved up some I am going to take him for a ‘service’ and they will make him brand new. I just cannot entertain the idea of buying an upgrade. Taylor holds my entire life, he is my comfort blanket. I am sure late nights of Livejournal-ing back in the day have turned into me actually sleeping in my bed with him, not by conscious choice, you understand ;)

To make this post a little more exciting to those of you without unhealthy attachments to material possessions… have a sneak peek at two new items due for listing in my jewellery store at Etsy:

Cupcake necklace, jewellery, onetenzerosevenStrawberry Cupcake – Necklace

This necklace (currently listed in my store in a lemon yellow option) was inspired by the lovely Cariad Clay‘s work and incorporates one of her pieces. The beautiful pink glass beads are tipped with rare vintage beads. I just need to find some large silver jump rings to string all the pieces together :)

Vervain necklace, witchcraft, protection, jewellery, onetenzeroseven, vampire diariesVial of Verbena – Necklace

For all Vampire Diaries fans and/or those interested in witchcraft – A vial of real vervain (verbena) to hang close to your body. Legends hold that vervain protects people from vampires. It can be used in a variety of ways, one being to simply keep it near you. There is also a religious significance as some believe it was used to stop the bleeding of Christ’s wounds when he was taken down from the cross. In Ancient Rome, the herb was deemed very powerful and was used to sanitise homes and temples.

I think I’ll wear my Vial of Verbena day and night ;) It’s no secret amongst my friends that, despite being a fan of True Blood and Vampire Diaries, I am terrified of vampires. Always have been…

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