To Bestill My Aching Heart

Sunday evening and I am making gift tags while Boyfriend is creating and recording music. This is how I dreamed my life would be for so many years. Doggy isn’t quite asleep by the fire, it’s not raining hard on the attic roof. It’s the middle of summer and doggy is asleep on the sofa so it will do ;) Ah, how dreams can turn into reality.

The sounds coming out of Boyfriend’s guitar are really stunning. They make me twist and ache inside, as if the sound is one that I have been desperate to hear all my life, without ever actually knowing it.

Right now he is picking and finding his way around the notes again as the piece in question has been lying dormant for some time. Part of the ache I feel is the desperate need to hear this song live, amongst hundreds of like minded fans who all feel the same twists and desperation in their heart.

If only he can keep believing in himself long enough to realise the beauty in what he creates — Oh, hold me. Now it’s bellowing through the amp… to realise the beauty in what he creates, to play the live shows so I can be there in the front, feeling the passion of it all wash over me. To bestill my aching heart.

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