SEVEN: Things To Do Whilst Sunbathing

Things To Do While Sunbathing

I’m not a beach holiday girl by any means, but I absolutely appreciate how important it is to take some time off and relax. Unfortunately as a self proclaimed workaholic, as much as I’d prefer a holiday squeezing in as many breathtaking landmarks and recommended beauty spots as possible, if I only ever take holidays where I’m on the go from start to finish I will burn out before I’m 30. So here are some tips to stop the impending boredom of just laying on the beach.

1 // Listen to music. Make playlists for different moods, finally get round to hearing that new album from start to finish or take the time to explore your favourite musician’s back catalogue. In-ear headphones vs over-ear headphones for this one, trust me ;)

2 // Sketch. I always pack a sketchbook on holiday; Whether it’s a proper one with high quality paper or just a little one that won’t take up too much room in my bag. Even if you’re not an ‘artist’ you can draw your view or even come up with ideas of what to wear with your new tan when you get home.

3 // Scribble. In a similar vein, a notebook is an essential holiday item for me. Musicians can write lyrics, bakers can come up with recipe ideas, write about your hopes and dreams, write a short story. You can even write to-do lists or notes on getting organised – writing it all down will also help you to relax for the rest of your vacation.

4 // Read. Kind of obvious, but I don’t necessarily mean you have to read a trashy ‘holiday novel’. Take a favourite magazine, your friend’s short story, a how-to book, a phrase book, a book with beautiful pictures, a book about mythology, an autobiography, a joke book… reading doesn’t have to be as boring as you think.

5 // Change your location. Instead of laying on a sun bed, sit on the edge of the pool with your feet in the water, (carefully!) sit on the rocks by the sea. Watch the kids splashing and the world going by – I love to watch the locals and see how people really live in tourist spots, it must be so strange having an endless stream of visitors to your home town.

6 // Play games. Pop your phone on airplane mode (to preserve your battery and avoid any unwanted roaming charges!) and play Catchphrase or Angry Birds. Pack a small game like Travel Scrabble or take the question cards from Taboo or Articulate for a poolside quick fire round!

7 // Talk! Here’s a novel idea… have a great conversation with your travel companions, like what your dream career is or what you’d buy if you won the lottery. Recall your favourite memories, answer fun questions like favourite type of food or best gig you’ve ever been to. Discuss the Game of Thrones finale or your thoughts on the week’s headlines. Talk about the things you never get time to at home.

Loves x xx

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Outfit Post: Pineapple Party

Pineapple Maxi Dress

Can you dress up the same item to wear in both Britain and Barbados? Well that’s the question Debenhams asked me for their campaign #BritaintoBarbados and I didn’t make it easy for myself when I chose a full length, dark navy Maxi Dress. Duh. To be honest though, with weather like we’ve been having here in the UK, I’m pretty sure you’d have the same issues in either destination! The heat.

Fruit Accessories, Watermelon

Grapefruit Earrings

What better excuse than when you’re wearing a dress that covers you head to toe in pineapples, is there to dress yourself up like a fruit salad? So I picked out my brightest accessories for this dress – a skinny coral belt and a lime green cardigan. I also picked out corresponding fruit jewellery from my online shop and my absolute favourite necklace from Joy. All that’s missing is that holiday to Barbados ;)

Pineapple Dress

Pineapple Accessories

Fruit Clothing, Fruit Trend

Let’s start with Britain: I wore this outfit to a barbecue at my Dad’s at the weekend, tonnes of family and friends were there and the weather was freaking glorious. My Dad is a glorified Butcher so there was more meat than you’d ever seen, endless wine being poured and hundreds of beers disappearing from the fridge. The cardigan only really came in handy when it rained for 10 minutes, we stayed outside under the veranda and chatted about babies. Don’t get excited.. we’re not quite there yet folks!

Summer Outfit

For Barbados, unfortunately(!), I couldn’t make it out there for a shoot so I had to imagine what it would be like. I ditched the cardigan and braided my hair in a lazy shoulder plait to keep it tamed and away from the pesky sea air. All accessories stand, obviously, except for a couple of extras: A cocktail with fresh fruit & fancy umbrellas and a golden sandy beach. Perf.
The best part is, you probably won’t go on holiday with the same people at your barbecue so no-one will know you wore the same outfit anyway!

Summer Shoes

Maxi Dress | c/o Debenhams   // Espadrilles | c/o Debenhams  //  Necklace | Joy The Store
Green Cardigan | Aerie  //  Grapefruit Earrings &  Watermelon Ring | Onetenzeroseven

Loves x xx

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Recipe: 6 Salad Ideas for a Healthy Lunch

Best Salad Ideas, Healthy Lunch Recipe

Eating healthy can be a real bore and really hard to stick to if you’re just forcing down boring salads every day. I’ve been eating salad for lunch at work for about a year now and I’ve got rather experimental along the way. Here’s five of the best salad ideas:

1 // Spicy Tuna Salad – Half a bag of ready washed rocket, drain a tin of tuna and empty on top, sprinkle on some chilli flakes (from the herbs and spices section of your supermarket) and drizzle some olive oil as a dressing.

2 // Parmesan & Sriracha Salad – Half a bag of ready washed rocket, grate or flake a chunk of parmesan cheese on top and drizzle on a generous amount of Sriracha chilli sauce (from the world foods section).

3 // Tomato & Balsamic Vinegar Salad – Halve six cherry tomatoes (or my favourite are the plum tomatoes from Aldi, sliced), slice up some cucumber and layer with half a bag of ready washed rocket. Drizzle on olive oil and balsamic vinegar. So much tastier than it sounds!

4 // Baked Salmon Salad - Wrap a salmon fillet in foil with a knob of butter, oven bake for 18 minutes and flake over the top of half a bag of ready washed rocket. You can add olive oil, salt, pepper or even piri piri spice (Nando’s version is good!).

5 // Japanese Salad – A salad doesn’t have to contain lettuce leaves, this one is just a pile of shelled Edamame beans, some chunks of cucumber, slices of smoked salmon and a drizzle of soy sauce with wasabi on the side. So good.

6 // Tandoori Salad – Half a bag of ready washed rocket, drizzle on just a splash of olive oil, slice up some tandoori chicken (from most deli counters or cooked meats sections) and dish out some mango chutney as a dressing. You can even get mango chutney in a squeezy tub for your convenience!

Do you find salad boring? What are your tips to jazz them up?

Loves x xx

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On: Bullies & Body Image

Bullying and body image

I’ve always had this idea in my head that when I see ex-acquaintances who used to hurt me in my life that I want to be perfect to prove them wrong. To all the girls at school that bullied me and all the boys that laughed at me for being fat I wanted to be tall and gorgeous and skinny and rub it in their face.

I saw this photograph today on Humans of New York of a young girl posing in her underwear and it came with a long list of people who had hurt her in the past. Except the photo she posted isn’t of her conforming, it’s of her just the way she is – with a huge, happy, natural smile.
She made me realise something very, very important today: Becoming tall and gorgeous and skinny wouldn’t prove all these people wrong, it would prove them right. As if being slim is the only way to be and I’d finally accepted that.

self esteem

There are thousands of ways to prove these people wrong with the tools we already have and this girl achieved one. To be confident, to not care what people think, to believe in yourself, to achieve your own goals and follow your own dreams. To live your life in the way that you believe is right, without thinking you have to conform to the beliefs of bullies.

In this fictional school reunion of the future I will no longer spend the run up to it dieting, I will no longer stress over finding the perfect outfit and having the most perfect version of my appearance.. instead I will be the person that I’m proud to have become; I run my own business; I have epic, deep, gorgeous friendships that sustain through the worst of times and the worst versions of myself; I am part of a loving and supportive home; I love without reserve and I am loved back; I have respect and humility and empathy.
All of these things are worth a million of those bullies from back at school. Just because I’m not a size 8 doesn’t make any of these things worth any less. I am enough.

Body Confidence

So screw you bullies! Why would I give up pizza for you? I’m happy with my body image just the way it is and I like pizza way more than I will ever care about what you think.

Loves x xx

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The Five WOWs: Eat Your Greens

Vegetable Home Decor, Vegetable Accessories

1. Greetings Card | Ruff House Art  //  2. Tote Bag | Asking For Trouble  //  3. Corn Cob Earrings | The Crafty Bee Online  //  4. Chopping Board | Out There Interiors  //   5. Carrot Whisk | Joy

If you’re looking for something a bit different from the fruit trend sweeping the nation this Summer, here are some kooky vegetable themed accessories to have some fun with. This greetings card (1.) actually contains seeds within the paper so you plant the whole card itself and watch it grow. Super environmentally friendly. The carrot whisk (5.) is like some sort of magic eye illusion.. sometimes I see it as a whisk, sometimes as a carrot. Perfect for brightening up your kitchen.

Loves x xx

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