Cocktail Hour: Obsessed with Espresso Martini

how to make an espresso martini

Is there anything better than an Espresso Martini to kick off a party? It’s the perfect balance of caffeine to give you a good kick for the rest of the evening, silky smooth coffee and a nice slug of booze to relax those hard working shoulders. Don’t drink too many, mind, or you might find yourself wide awake at 3am wondering if you should get up and clear away from the night before… ahem, not speaking from experience or anything!

I first got into Espresso Martinis when my big brother decided to whip one up when we were all hanging out round at his place; Dan prepares an espresso from his Nespresso machine and adds it to a cocktail shaker with ice, vodka and Kahlua coffee liqueur. It’s a pretty epic Espresso Martini and I love his little addition of coffee beans sprinkled onto the foam topped glass. We also tried some Nespresso pods with a hint of caramel, which took away some of the bitterness making it easier to drink.

The best espresso martini

Every time I see an Espresso Martini on the menu now I just have to give it a try and send a picture to Dan for comparison. Last time we were up in Carlisle I tested out a version with amaretto in from Open Mind, which was pretty solid, but still not quite up to the standards of my brother’s concoction (don’t tell him that, it will go straight to his head!). I did, however, try a cracking version at Gorilla in Manchester that has Cafe Patron in the mix and that one shot straight to the top of my list. I bloody love a Cafe Patron (coffee flavoured tequila) on the rocks and I have been urging Dan to throw it into his Espresso Martini. Turns out I was right on that one… little sisters are always right, though! Cheers! x xx

Cocktail Hour: Espresso Martini

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Eating Out in New York, Panna II Indian Restuarant

Best Indian in New York, Eating Out in New York

Once upon a time in a foreign land, before I became a ‘real’ blogger, I left my heart in New York City and found the perfect Indian food in the East Village for eating out in New York. Back then I didn’t even contemplate taking photos of my food(!!) and thus survives the only photo of the best Indian in New York from my trip – but boy, it’s a good ‘un!

I first came across Panna II when we stayed in New York with my pal, K, who very kindly gave us a space in her apartment in Brooklyn to rest our weary heads. K took us along to her favourite Indian restaurant one night, with absolutely no hint towards the shock we were about to get. We headed up the steps into to the tiny, unsuspecting Indian to be smacked in the face with the grandest, craziest hive of fairy lights you could ever imagine. Even looking back at that photo, I can’t believe it’s actually real and I’ve been there. You guys, this is an absolutely must see in New York even if the food is average… but the food is super tasty too!!

Stu and I are massive fans of Makhani, a very rich and buttery sauce with a really distinctive taste. I’m a huge lover of spicy food, but this is as mild as it gets and it’s amazing. Chicken Makhani is the only dish I’ve even tried after a couple of trips to Panna II, but if that’s good then the rest of the menu must be pretty damn good as well. We were also introduced to Puri bread by K, which is something you can only get in very select restaurants in the UK. Puri is a light, fluffy pocket of fried bread. Oof. Just describing it to you is making me yearn!

I can’t even say it’s the best thing about getting Indian food at Panna II because everything is so amazing, but you can even take your own booze to the restaurant! And did I mention the twinkly lights?! ““Where chilli pepper lights meets christmas tree lights” they describe of themselves, but even that can’t do it justice. You really do need to see it with your own eyes.

Find Panna II at 93 1st Avenue in New York. (Make sure you get the right restaurant, 2nd floor, right hand side.)

Loves x xx

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