Style Steal: Annie from Speed

Style_AnnieSpeedSpeed screencaps courtesy of Sandra Bullock Web

I caught some of Speed tonight and I just loved Annie’s outfit as she was running for the bus in her first scene. As I was browsing around the internet tonight picking out items that would make for a great Annie Porter copycat I thought it might be a nice idea to share my findings with the rest of the internet ;) Steal her style, below:

Floral Shirt Dress | Dahlia  //  Cream Boyfriend Cardigan | Ark Clothing  //  Knitted Socks | Etsy
Dr. Martens Boots | Office


Loves x xx

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SEVEN: Ways To Stay On Top Of Your Housework

Ways To Do Your Housework

It’s horrible, awful, I know. I hate housework, I hate being tidy and organised, I feel like there are so many better ways I can utilise my time than washing pots and vacuuming the bedroom, but what I hate about it most of all is that I just can’t grasp keeping on top of it.

Recently I cleaned the kitchen, washed all the pots, pulled out the kettle, scrubbed the grime from the cooker, everything.
Since then it’s stayed clean and I feel awesome.

1 // First things, first: Clean it like you’re moving house. No excuses. You need a blank canvas to work with if you’re going to keep it that way. Unorganised stuff leaks all over your home in no time so put it away properly.

2 // One step at a time. Conquer the kitchen until you’ve learned how to keep on top of it and made it a habit, then move onto the bathroom or bedroom. Don’t try to clean the house all in one go, way too overwhelming.

3 // Create a Haven. Have a room in the house that’s done so you can sit in there and relax and feel good about yourself while you’re amidst conquering the house! Looking at the mess and worrying about the mess all day is only going to make you feel worse.

4 // Do it now. Not after a cup of tea, not after you’ve “finished watching this”, now. I had Daddy Oneten over for dinner last night, I cooked and made a huuuge mess (I’m wildy unorganised when I cook!) but for the first time ever, I cleaned up immediately. He left my house at 8.40pm and I was tidy again by 9.05pm. I couldn’t believe how quickly I straightened up and it allowed me to spend the rest of the evening watching Nashville(!!), guilt free.

5 // Do whatever it takes to get you through it; If that’s sticking on some great music, perfect! If it’s cleaning at 1am because you suddenly feel motivated, fine. Having a massive bar of chocolate waiting for you afterwards? Amazing. There is no right and wrong way, just a way that works for you.

6 // Make a home for everything. We have a utensil pot, a mail/post basket, a shoe-rack… the one thing I’ve always struggled with though, is miscellany. Where does that live? Why, in the Miscellany Box of course! I have one in nearly every room and it’s where I keep my USB sticks, camera card, pens, nail file, jewellery I’ve taken off etc. You can empty this sporadically if items have an actual home somewhere else in the house or you can have a Master Miscellany Box in a cupboard in the spare room. Make it easy for yourself.

7 // Tidy house, tidy mind. It really does make me feel like I can get through anything if I can come home to a clean, tidy and inspiring home. To stand in my living room and see all the posters and memories dripping from the walls instead of the used mugs and old magazines and discarded layers of clothing hogging all my attention. I’ve been having a stressful time recently and I can’t tell you how important it’s been to be able to come home and curl up on my clean bedding and relax watching some TV. Me time is essential, you guys!

I know it seems overwhelming, I know. But you can make time for it and once you’ve learned to keep on top of it, you’ll never have to do the Big Ugly Clean again.

Loves x xx

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Women In Making


Well folks, I have entered my little business into the #womeninmaking competition.

The grand prize is a £10,000 bursary to be spent on your business and I couldn’t imagine how great that opportunity would be. I have big dreams for Onetenzeroseven and I would love to build it into an empire, creating jobs and inspiring creativity.

There are many avenues I would like to take Onetenzeroseven down, including new product lines into home ware, fashion and stationary as well as growing my little blog here into workshops, publications and wider opportunities to inspire others to follow their dreams too.

DIY Acorn Necklace

If you feel you would like to offer me your support (THANK YOU!!) here is how you can help:

1. Visit my profile on Women in Making and vote for me. You can do this once via Facebook and once via Twitter, all you need to do is hook up your account by clicking “vote for Sophie” and follow their easy steps.

2. Share this blog post or my profile link ( to your family and friends to see if they’d like to offer their support as well. Please don’t spam anyone!

Thank you so much and I’d like to wish lots of luck to everyone entering Women In Making, especially those lovely inspiring ladies that I know who have entered themselves.

Loves x xx

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Outfit Post: 2 Ways To Wear A Smock Dress

Bohemian Spring Outfit

My lovely friends at sent me this dress. I have a bit of a hate/hate relationship with the ever popular ‘smock’ dress ;) but I adored the print of this one and the colours were just made for me so I thought I’d give it a go. For once, Oasap’s sizing being a bit on the small side really worked for me as what really puts me off smock dresses is the ridiculously over the top sizing. I love the way this one creates a nice hourglass shape, whilst still skimming over my lumps and bumps and flaring out, smock-style.

How To Wear A Smock Dress

Casual Autumn Outfit

Adding a flowing, jersey cardigan, a long necklace and a floppy, felt hat gives a soft, boho style to the dress which would be great to wear out for the day or night; comfort and style! Secondly I changed my tights for denim leggings and my cardigan for a casual lumberjack shirt to create an outfit perfect for a long walk through the woods with your favourite pooch.

I’m still not sure I’m swayed on smock dresses in general, but I love this one! If you want to avoid that sack-like look too, try sizing down on smock dresses from other stores, but for me at a size 12/14 this one from Oasap is the perfect fit.

Ways To Wear A Smock Dress

Smock Dress | c/o  //  Sunflower Necklace | Damson Tree Pottery
Boots | H by Hudson  //  Denim Leggings | Dorothy Perkins  //  Lumberjack Shirt | Pop Boutique

What do you think of this trend? Will you be sizing down if you make a purchase?
Loves x xx

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Words, Quotes, Lyrics: #7

Free Graphics, Free Headers, Free Blog Header, Free Artwork, Free BannerLyrics from Poison Cup, by M. Ward

In the past couple of weeks and I’ve been up against a lot of doubts for my decisions. The simple answer to these doubts has been, because I want it all.

I don’t want to settle, I don’t want to accept what I’m handed; I want to create my perfect world. I want to see the world as I think it should be, not how it is. I want to have my dreams sitting there in my hands and there is no good reason why I can’t. I get told I won’t have enough money, but who defines what is enough? I get told I can’t change the world, but who says so?

I was brought up never to ‘want’, it wasn’t polite. I had to “would like” everything. Now I’m an adult I believe there are some things you need to want, some things you need to desire so desperately that you won’t stop until they’re yours. It may sound selfish to you, but I’m not asking for someone to gift it to me. I’m not ungrateful. I want to work hard for everything I gain so why can’t I have it all? M. Ward has it down, “A sip or a spoonful won’t do. No, I want it all.”

And I’m here to tell you, it’s OK for you to want it too.

Grab the desktop wallpaper version, below, by clicking on the laptop to find the full size image. Then right-click or control-click and save image as.

Music Quote, Want More Quote, Want It All Quote, M. Ward Wallpaper

Desktop downloads are free, but please adhere to my license; You can use it for yourself or shout it from the rooftops, but please tell people where you got it and don’t try to make money from it. Thanks!

Loves x xx

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