Outfit Post: The Jean Genie

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I’m not much of a basics girl, but I absolutely love all these simple pieces teamed together. Everyone should own a lace vest or bra-let, perfect for layering, and I didn’t realise how much I needed a pair of Chelsea boots until I got these Loake ones; I love how sleek and clean they are and they are perfect partners with these jeans, I may not wear anything else this Autumn!

Cropped Jeans with Boots
Ways to wear jeans

Ah, the perfect jeans? Do they exist? House of Fraser sent me these Oasis skinny, cropped jeans and I couldn’t believe my eyes – they fit like a glove! The material is really light and soft so they’re ideal for this transitional Summer/Autumn weather. I also love this cute detail on the ass (forgive the giant image of mine, below!). They’re a little baggy on my knees, though, which is a problem I often have with skinny jeans. I love the little turn ups to make them cropped, but even better(!) you can unroll them and have the jeans regular length too.

Of course jeans fit varies depending on your shape and size, but I often forget about smaller brands such as Oasis for my never ending search for the perfect pair.

Best Denim Jeans
How to wear jeans with boots

Blouse | c/o Oasap  //  Lace Crop | Vintage  //  Oasis Jeans | c/o House of Fraser
Chelsea Boots | Loake  //  Necklace | Onetenzeroseven

Loves x xx

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Health & Happiness: Hobbies

Gifts for women

Hobbies have got to be one of the most important contributors to a healthy life. You gotta be able to switch off, I’m telling you this from experience. I have worked myself sick and ended up in hospital through lack of relaxation.

For me, not taking time out to relax dates back a ridiculously long time now. It’s born out of somewhere positive, it just so happens that all the things I absolutely love doing I have managed to squeeze into my job; art, design, craft, photography, styling, writing… I haven’t left myself much room for hobbies outside of my working world.

Hobbie Ideas

Because of that, finding a hobby that wasn’t related to my work has been a mammoth task. I’d thought about picking up my guitar again, but felt it was too much of a commitment to make while I’m still so busy trying to get my business off the ground. Then Uncommon Goods offered to send me something to share with you all and my heart-eyes popped out of my head!

IT IS A PINEAPPLE UKULELE. How does this even exist? This must have been made for me, my love for pineapples being no secret here on my blog (and I don’t know if you can see there are at least three behind my head in the image, below!) and it’s like a miniature guitar! It’s so easy to grab and have a pick at between projects while I’m working and the gentle hawaiian notes immediately relax my tense shoulders. I can play around ten well known tunes, thanks to having a musician boyfriend, and it’s just perfect for me right now as it’s absolutely 100% unrelated to my business.

Pineapple Ukulele

I’d never explored Uncommon Goods until now, but they have some really unusual gifts for women. Shipping to the UK was a breeze and I was like a kid at Christmas, more interested in the cardboard box than what was inside – beautiful logos and fun packing tape strapped to it’s side. They really are a perfect partner for me here at Onetenzeroseven, donating to charity with every sale they make and supporting independent designers; The ukulele is handmade! I have so enjoyed chatting to them as we’ve worked together too, they’re an absolute gem and I’ll be exploring their personalised gifts for my loved ones this Christmas.

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on.. don’t worry, I’ll remember you all when I’m a famous ukulele player ;)

 Do you make time for hobbies? Tell me your most unusual ones! Loves x xx

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SEVEN: Awesome #PetsOfInstagram

Best Pets on Instagram

Everyone knows Instagram is for taking photos of your pet and then laughing at other people’s furry weirdos, so here’s my top seven pets of Instagram:

// Tuna | tunameltsmyheart
The perfect advocate for adoption with a crazy overbite. Massive fan of the love story between him and Colin – the ugliest dog toy I’ve ever seen!

// Lily | lilythewhippet
I don’t know if this one is because she reminds me so much of our Frank, but Lily gets herself into some hilarious positions. I only have one issue and it’s the cutesy ‘speak’ underneath the photos, otherwise Lily is totally adorable.

// Otis | otisbarkington
A real gentleman of the Pooch World, Otis always looks so suave and sophisticated. Well, almost always!

// Rescue Bats | batsqld
A kind of bat… with a dog-like head… cuddling a towel. I mean, what. I can attest that my new found obsession with bats is the fault of one of my best friends who’s job is literally to look at bats all day!

// Maddie | thiswildidea
If you’re a fan of dogs on things, you’ll love Maddie’s crazy adventures.

// Sarrah | sarrah_hedgehog
Ever seen a hedgehog take a ‘selfie’? The antics of a tiny hedgehog and her pals!

// Frank | onetenzeroseven
I couldn’t do a ‘Seven Awesome #PetsOfInstagram’ without including my very own Frank Monster! Pop over to my Instagram to see Frank sleeping, sleeping on the sofa, sleeping in my bed and being a weirdo with #TheDailyFrank!

Who are your favourite photogenic creatures? Loves x xx

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