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Recipe: Gourmet Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Toppings
Hey folks! Just a quick and super easy meal idea for you today: Gourmet Hot Dogs!

We got these giant hot dogs from Costco; you can cook them in a pan of hot water or even in the microwave.

Then we piled them high in a tasty finger roll, first topped with my mum’s homemade chilli (the best!), but you can pick up a tin of chilli from the supermarket that will do the same job, and then a drizzle of mustard.

On top of this we added some grated cheese and some homemade salsa made up of red onion, tomatoes and mint.

Chilli Dog Recipe

Homemade Salsa

These toppings are really easy to prepare and give the hotdogs a lovely fresh and crunchy taste to go with the meatiness and gooey cheese. An ideal topping idea for leftovers too! Our toppings were leftover from a fun family Mexican night we threw at Easter. A great, easy tea for busy folks :)

Loves x xx

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EmergEtsy Surgery – FREE Advice for Selling on

EmergEtsy Surgery - FREE advice for selling on Etsy

Hey folks! I’m so excited to introduce my new monthly series… I’ll be giving you FREE advice for selling on Etsy to make your shops super awesome and successful!

I’ve got some monthly ‘top tips’ to share here on my blog and, on top of these, from today until Friday 15th you can leave the link to your Etsy shops in the comments below and throughout the week I’ll reply to each of your comments with at least one piece of tailored-to-you advice for how you can improve and increase sales. I might give you advice on your photography, tags, descriptions, policies… anything I think that might help.

Because I’ve been selling on Etsy for over 4 years I’ve tried and tested a lot of experiments, tips and tricks to make sure my products don’t get lost amongst all the other gorgeous things you can buy, so I hope you can benefit from my experience!

Handmade Valentines Gifts

// This month’s top tip:
Use the same keywords that you choose for your item titles again in the description of your product and then again in the listing tags. This will give you the best chance of being picked up in Etsy’s search and get you closer to the front page of their search results.

E.g. If my item is called: “Wooden Dressing Table, Vanity Unit, Bedroom Furniture”
My Description could contain: “A lovely wooden dressing table, ideal as a vanity unit for your bedroom. Please browse my shop for more bedroom furniture.”
Then some keywords could be: “Dressing Table”, “Vanity Unit”, “Bedroom Furniture”, “Furniture, “Table”, “Vanity Table”.

After the 15th comments will be closed. If you’ve missed out on the EmergEtsy Surgery this week, don’t worry, I’ll be running the same thing again next month! Make sure you don’t miss out by following on Bloglovin’ or Twitter.

Loves x xx

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Home: Hollywood Style Bathroom

Hollywood Style Bathroom Mirror
Big thanks to Pebble Grey who sent me this gorgeous illuminated mirror to share with you guys. We’re always short of storage in the bathroom (seriously why are there so many creams and gels and liquids?) so getting to pick out this great bathroom cabinet was ideal for sprucing up the space. It has two internal shelves and is deceptively deep.

Those fun strips of lighting really call Hollywood Glamour to me and I loved the idea of setting up the bathroom area like a 50s Hollywood starlet’s dressing room, complete with a dedicated space to do my makeup. The lights are battery operated so I didn’t have to do any complicated wiring or pay out to hire an electrician, but it does commandeer eight of the fellas so I’m hoping they last well. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve displayed an old photograph of my Nan and Grandad all dolled up and looking glamorous to set the scene and remind me of who I aspire to be every day. If you’re going to use a special photograph in your bathroom, be sure to make a copy or pop it in a waterproof frame so there’s no unfortunate accidents.

I made the crystal drop earrings last new year for a Prohibition fancy dress party, but I thought they were ideal for the Hollywood theme too, adding the final touches with a string of pearls and a cute vintage teacup (from Achica). The metallic colours of my makeup (Urban Decay and Estee Lauder) just set off the scene perfectly for an instant Hollywood style bathroom.

I’m ready for my close up! ;)

Hollywood Style Bathroom Accessories
Loves x xx

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