Etsy Help: How To Add Additional Cost For Gift Wrap On Etsy

How to add additional cost for gift wrap on Etsy

Do you want to add additional cost for gift wrap on Etsy so customers can purchase a gift box or gift wrapping? Get some Etsy help below by undestanding variations and add ons!

As an Etsy Captain I get asked a lot of questions about using Etsy and how to list items. The Etsy Seller Handbook is an excellent resource, but it strikes me that it can be difficult to pin point what tools to use when you’re trying to do something specific. One of the questions I was asked recently was how to include an add on for customers to add a gift box or gift wrapping to their order. There’s a great way to do this on Etsy, but the name ‘variations’ doesn’t immediately explain how it can be helpful in this situation.

Variations is an option in your individual listing, underneath the price and quantity section.

Etsy Listing Variations - How To Add Gift Wrap Option

Click ‘add variations’ to get a pop-up box with a drop down menu. Scroll to the bottom to find ‘create a new variation’.

Add Variations Etsy

Etsy Variations Menu

In the box that appears, name your listing variation. This will appear underneath the price on your Etsy listing so make sure it’s spelled correctly, formatted correctly and makes sense to your customer. The golden rule is to be as simple as you possibly can to avoid confusion or your customer may leave and shop elsewhere.

How to add gift wrapping to an Etsy Listing

Once you add your variation, boxes will pop up to the right hand side which are your variation options. Again, make these as simple as possible so your customers understand the buying process. Your customers will have to choose these options from a drop down menu. You don’t need to add any prices here, we do that in the next step. Click update when you are done. Don’t forget to check the option for varying prices too – this allows you to make the yes option a higher price to pay for your gift wrapping service.

Understanding Variations and Add Ons

Back on the main listing page some changes have been made. Instead of having the price written in the price section, we now need to add this in the variations section. Next to each option, add the full price of the item, including the selected gift wrapping option. My gift wrapping cost is £1.50 and my item cost is £5 so next to the ‘Yes Please!’ option I have added the price £6.50 to include both costs. Next to ‘No Thanks!’ I have added just the item cost of £5. The customer will see these prices next to your options in the drop down menu.

Adding Gift Boxes To Etsy Listings

How to add an additional cost for gift wrap on Etsy

Once completed, select publish as normal and view your listing to make sure it makes sense. The new gift wrapping option should now be displayed underneath the price on your listing in a drop down menu. The main price has a + next to it, indicating that the price is from £5 and will change accordingly when your customer selects their preferred option.

Adding gift wrap to an Etsy Shop

Etsy Help Adding Gift Wrapping Option
Woohoo! You’ve nailed it! One final point to consider: While customers like to have a lot of choice when shopping, too much choice has actually been proven to be a barrier to making a sale. Keep your variations as simple as possible. Etsy only allow you to have two different variations on each listing anyway.

Another way to add additional cost for gift wrap on Etsy is to also have gift wrapping as a separate listing that you link to in your item description. Any links you put in your description that are Etsy links (ie.…) will be clickable.

Don’t forget to check out the Etsy Help article on listing variations too!

Any questions, fire away below or find me on social media @onetenzeroseven
Loves x xx

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Exploring The Best Street Art in Amsterdam: NDSM Werf and Art City, Amsterdam Noord

NDSM Werf in Amsterdam Noord

Hands down, my favourite part of Amsterdam was the Noord.

Our amazing hostel, ClinkNOORD was just across the river IJ from Amsterdam Centraal, so even though it was technically in the Noord we hopped on a ferry every morning down to the centre of Amsterdam. It wasn’t until our last day in Amsterdam that we decided to explore the Noord properly and we got a ferry from Amsterdam Centraal to NDSM Werf, which was slightly longer then the ferry to ClinkNOORD and less frequent, but still free!

Botel Amsterdam

NDSM Werf Amsterdam Shipyard

On your way to NDSM Werf on the ferry, you will eventually pass the mighty Botel bobbing along, anchored along the edge of the river. Botel is a boat-hotel in Amsterdam, with massive red letters on it’s top housing rooms you can actually stay in which must have the most incredible views! I do fancy a night there next time we stay in the ‘dam.

NDSM Werf Amsterdam Noord

Noorderlicht Bar Cafe Amsterdam Noord

There’s an incredible atmosphere to this area of Amsterdam, bursting with street art, a cultural cafe and a fun second hand market. We wandered around some amazing shipping containers painted edge to edge with vibrant colours and bold emblems, unsuspecting bollards and old boats covered with signs of love and fun graffiti.

There was something invisible, pulling us towards Noorderlicht Cafe as the sun was shining and both locals & tourists were pouring out of the beautiful greenhouse building to sit on the grass with their beer. We settled into a spot and watched the bunting flags blow in the breeze coming off the river. It was one of the most perfect moments in my life, akin to looking out over Central Park from the Top of the Rock in New York or standing on the Golden Jubilee Bridge at night watching the neon London lights.

The Best Street Art in Amsterdam

Art City Amsterdam Noord

Street Art Amsterdam

Wandering around the old shipping yard, we ventured towards a quieter area with an opening into an old warehouse – were we allowed inside? Sheepishly, we ventured into the building with artwork dripping from every corner. As the warehouse opened out there was an old piano, painted white, sitting there waiting to be played by a multicoloured arrow display. Huge letters spelling out NOORD sat at the far side of the container where giant billboards hung from the ceiling. Thank God we took the chance to venture in or I might have missed out on seeing the best street art in Amsterdam!

Street Art in NDSM Werf Amsterdam Noord

Barbie Peepshow Art City Amsterdam

Amsterdam Noord - Best Things To Do in Amsterdam

Then what was that? There’s an actual artist, way up by the roof painting the most stunning piece of artwork with what appeared to be a spray can. I was frozen in awe. We watched the guy creating something bigger and more brilliant than I ever hope to in my lifetime before wandering back down the other side of what we later found out was Art City/Kunststad.

Back outside we looped back round through the car park and down the side of the warehouse where the best street art in Amsterdam was paraded at the side of the road. Getting so up close to the work so you could see how each individual brick was coloured was incredible and I took so many pictures that both my phone and camera ran out of space!

Best Street Art Amsterdam

Best Street Art in Europe - Amsterdam NDSM Werf

Graffiti Art Amsterdam - NDSM Werf

As we queued up to get the ferry back I thought about our day in the Noord and our time in Amsterdam and it really was the most inspiring trip for me – I was absolutely full the brim. It delights me so much that Amsterdam is just an hour flight away, when usually the places I fall in love with while travelling seem so unobtainable.

Robot Street Art Amsterdam

Loves x xx

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