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Things To Do in Yorkshire + Free Yorkshire Water Adventure Pack

Duck feeding in Yorkshire

When I was a little girl with curly blonde locks (I know, it’s hard to believe!) my ultimate favourite thing was feeding the ducks. There’s a home video of me somewhere dragging a doll around in the shadow of my big brother shouting, “go see ducks Danny!”. Even at just 29 I remember the days as a kid having picnics in Fairburn Ings with my Grandparents and playing out in the village until my tea was ready. Don’t get me wrong, I love video games, binge watching TV shows and making new friends on the internet, but I feel like kids these days are really missing out on the simple outdoors.

Country walk in Bingley

Things To Do in Yorkshire

Yorkshire Water got in touch with me the other day and asked what I thought of their free adventure packs to encourage kids and teenagers to spend more time outdoors. They’re free to download with a range of outdoor games like cloud hunting and duck feeding… things I still love to do now! It’s really got me thinking about how beautiful Yorkshire is and how much I want to get out and see more of the gorgeous countryside. So here are my top 5 things to do in Yorkshire, don’t forget to head over to Yorkshire Water to download your adventure pack to take along too, even if you’re just a big kid like me!

The Brown Cow Pub, Bingley

The Brown Cow, Bingley

// Head out for a long walk, pack your camera and finish up at the pub for a hearty lunch. Go on, treat yourself to a pudding for all those miles! I recommend exploring around Bingley, which is easily accessible by train, and having a lovely lunch at the Brown Cow.

// You’ve got to hang out with the birds at Lotherton Hall, they have some of the kookiest looking dudes, including flamingos!!

// Enjoy fish & chips on the beach in Scarborough – we even went in January and had an amazing time eating ice cream and wandering along the beach!

// Head out for a day in Ripon, exploring the cathedral and hanging out on the banks of the river having a picnic. This was one of our absolute favourite places as kids, eating turkey sandwiches and paddling in the water – real bonding time for me and my big bro!

// Set up a tent in your own back garden!! Lay on the grass picking animals out of the clouds and then huddle up with blankets and listen to the world outside your tent. The simple things never get old.

Want more ideas for things to do in Yorkshire? Yorkshire Water have got you covered!
Where will you go? Loves x xx

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Kopparberg Fruit Lager Live Series with Sofar Sounds

Kopparberg Fruit Lager, Lemon & Lime Fruit Beer

Last month I was invited along to the perfect midweek night out by Kopparberg to try out their new fruit lager and hang out at the lovely Duke Studios while watching some live music. It had been one of those weeks, you know, when you’re exhausted and insanely busy, but on those occasions we try to stop and say, “I want to act like I’m 29, not 69“.

It was a lovely evening. We arrived at Duke Studios to be greeted by an old warehouse building, decked out with cushions and fairy lights and a cute little beer garden out the back. In the corner a makeshift bar built from wooden crates was handing out free samples of Kopparberg Fruit Lager. Yeah, I could get used to doing that a couple of times a month (and I wanted to steal the crates to build our bar at home!).

Sofar Sounds Intimate Gigs In Your Living Room

Della Lupa, Kev Minney, Michael Keithson, Sofar Sounds, Leeds

I hadn’t heard of the musicians that were lined up to play before the show, but each were really great in their own way. Kev Minney, up first, was incredible on the guitar! Della Lupa‘s lyrics were quite unusual so curled up on cushions it was like listening to her telling us a story. My favourite of the night was Michael Keithson, who’s music was very ‘cute’ but he had such a fun on stage presence that really hooked the audience. His song, Life Lessons is a lovely uplifting story to his daughter. Definitely have a listen.

The headline act were announced to some excitement from the crowd, but again they were new to me. Skinny Living, a band from Wakefield, played us out with some very boy-band-esque tracks which were actually really great if you like that sort of thing. They did a fun cover of Dreams by Gabrielle though which I do have a soft spot for!

Kopparberg Fruit Lager Live Series with Sofar Sounds

I love the idea of Sofar Sounds, intimate gigs put on up and down the country and all over the world, often in someone’s living room. They explained to us the reason behind the concept being that they were sick of attending gigs where the crowd just get drunk and talk over the music, which is something I can definitely relate to, so if you have the same feels pop along to your nearest Sofar Sounds gig and see how it compares.

As for the Kopparberg fruit lager, it was really quite nice! It’s 5% which is stronger than a lot of fruit beers I’ve had and it’s not as sickly sweet as cider so that’s definitely a plus. We’ve bought it a couple of times since the gig and I’m looking forward to being able to get it in bars as an alternative to cider. I’m also challenging myself to remember the words that Duke Studios taught us in their beer garden, “do nothing”. I need more of that in my life! Loves x xx

Do Nothing Duke Studios Leeds

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