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Outfit Post: Mint Jeans

Mint Jeans
Mint is my favourite flavour and fast becoming my favourite colour. I got these mint coloured, heeled brogues from Christmas and I love them so much! They’re just like ice cream! I was offered to try a pair of skinny jeans jeans from House of Fraser, so naturally I chose these wonderful candy coloured mint jeans to go with my shoes! This is a total Summer combination, it will be interesting to try and dress these up for Winter.

Mint and Red Outfit

Glasses Blogger
The jeans are made from a lovely soft material and really comfortable around the waist, which is A+ for me with my stomach issues. I chose a size 14, which is pretty much my standard jeans size and I’d say they are a slightly generous fit. They’re not really skinny enough around the ankle, though; I do have this problem a lot with skinny jeans, the tighter they are around the ankle, the more they cause me issues with my tender stomach. I decided to roll these up to create an ‘ankle grazer’ look, which ended up being the perfect solution.

Mint Brogues

Jane Norman Jeans
They have a couple of cute detailed bits in gold, like this nice ‘Jane Norman’ tab and the buttons so I might try them with my gold boots for next time(!). I absolutely love the colour – it’s very icy and bright, rather than a pastel mint, so they really stand out. I’m excited to match them with more unusual things in my wardrobe, but I love them with polka dots and red. Loves x xx

Mint jeans outfit post

Polka Dot T-Shirt & Red Cardigan | Zara  //  Mint Jeans | c/o House of Fraser
Mint Brogues | American Apparel

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Outfit Post: Ways To Wear a Kimono

ways to wear a kimono
I’ve got a couple of kimonos in my closet: a silk one and a slouchy patterned one, but I never really wear them that often, especially the former, because I can never think of ways to wear a kimono.

New Look asked me if I’d like to pick a kimono from their Summer collection and challenge myself to style it up three ways and to be honest, I almost turned it down because I’d just resigned myself to them not being my thing. Boy, I’ve worn this lace kimono with almost every outfit since then! Hah! It’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve worn it out shopping, out to dinner twice, for a day working on my new business with Daisy, to a hen party, an afternoon in London with some pals and to a festival. I love a good challenge.

how to style a kimono

wearing a kimono to a festival
I went to see Blur in Hyde Park last weekend which was somuchfun. We picked a spot right in the heart of the crowd at the front and I gotta say, I was completely apprehensive about how feisty it was going to get when Blur kicked off. Man, it was the best! We got thrown around so much, but it made me feel young again and not once did I worry about the million things that spin around in my head all the time. It was the perfect escape. I wore my Minnetonkas (the comfiest shoes I own!), my skinny jeans from Oasis, an old band tee with the sleeves cut off, a big blanket scarf for the afternoon chill and my pretty lace kimono for a nod to the hippy vibe – perfect festival styling. The kimono is actually surprisingly warm, too.

I’m looking forward to packing it for my late summer holiday to wear to wonder down to the beach or for breakfast before we head to the amazing water park. I’m a bit self conscious in a bikini so it will be ideal to throw on as an extra layer when you’re not lazing in the sun. The colour goes with everything, too.

wearing a kimono in summer

new look kimono
I wore the kimono with this navy dress to an afternoon browsing in Camden market. I wanted something a bit dressy, because I mean Camden, but also something comfortable for walking in and nice and breezy for the crazy heat you get in big cities. It worked like a charm. So it turns out I could come up with three ways to wear a kimono – in fact I could come up with eight ways and counting… ;) Loves x xx

Lace Kimono | c/o New Look  //  Navy Dress & Cream Brogues | H&M
Heart Necklace | Next  //  Rope Belt | Haberdashery

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An Early Father’s Day with Debenhams

Father's Day Gift Ideas
Last weekend I got to spend some quality Father/Daughter time with Daddy Oneten thanks to Debenhams who asked us to try out their driving and rally gift experience as a Father’s Day gift. Dad picked me up obscenely early so we could get over to the track on time, but it was kind of fun driving through to York while the rest of the world seemed to be asleep. We had a good old chat about work, houses, goals and dreams on the way there and over the incredible breakfast sandwiches from the food van on site (they were literally bursting with bacon and all the trimmings!) with essential black coffees, obviously!

There was a huge gazebo set up to shelter from the wind and tonnes of extras you could purchase on the day such as passenger rides, supercar upgrades and USBs to video your driving experience. Some of the passenger rides were more expensive that driving the cars yourself which was totally bizarre! Apparently the instructors put a bit more pressure on the cars than me or you!

Ferrari Driving Experience

Rally Experience Day
Dad’s first drive was scheduled for 9.30am so we hung around, chatted to a few members of staff and had a nosy at the cars set up on the track. It was a bit of a shame that you couldn’t really get close to the cars and take any photos though, they were all blocked off behind a barrier so only the drivers got to get a peek when they were taken out ready to race.

The package allowed my Dad to drive three cars, each with a scheduled time so you could have a wander without too much waiting around. If anything the experience was over too quickly, but you were more than welcome to hang out and enjoy the rest of the day. Each drive was scored out of 40, by the instructor who came along for each ride, for handling and speed and the track had long, fast straights as well as corners and obstacle cones to weave in and out of. Dad said we was pleased there was more than one drive as he learned tactics each time to apply to the next one. The final car was his favourite, a Ferrari soft top. He did look pretty cool sitting up front in that beast and I reckon he wouldn’t mind one of those in his garage!

Supercar Gift Experience

Experience Day for Father's Day
It was a lovely day to spend with my Dad and although I’m not really into cars, they did have some cool high speed Ariel Atom cars zipping in and out which were really fun to watch. My Dad thoroughly enjoyed his morning racing and I managed to convince him to get the photos to take home. It was £20 for a print, which I though was pretty overpriced, but you could also get all your photos on a disc and a print for £25 so we bought the package deal.

Father's Day Out with Dad
Even though it was a glorious day, it was really windy at Elvington race track and a lot of people were caught out shivering in t-shirts and shorts so remember to bring a coat just in case and tie up long hair. My awesome giraffe scarf doubled as a bit of a blanket to keep me warm!

If you’re still stuck for Father’s Day gift ideas, head over to browse Debenhams’ gift experiences for something a little different. The rally driving package is currently on offer for £99 or if you’ve not quite got the budget for that, have a peek at their Red Herring range who kindly dressed us for the day too! Thanks Debenhams!

Gift Ideas for Men
Mens Grey Shirt & Slim Leg Jeans | c/o Red Herring  //  Giraffe Scarf | c/o Red Herring

Loves x xx

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