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Travel: Gloucester Services, Farmshop on the M5

Best Services M5

Some pals and I headed down to Cornwall at the weekend on a massive 8 hour road trip. On the way down we stopped at some depressing services, par for the course, but on the way back up North we stumbled across this gem of a services at Gloucester along the M5. We were so thankful for real, wholesome food and when we pulled up in the car we noticed the Gloucester Services farmshop was actually set underneath a giant grass bank!! It even had a traditional ice cream cart outside. I never thought I’d be so excited by a service station.

Services with proper food M5

Amazing white hot chocolate

There was a huge selection of proper food from focaccia wedges with a variety of fillings to hot flatbreads (pictured above is chicken, chorizo and cheese flatbread with some sort of spicy paste – delicious!) and full meals for hungry travellers. I also opted for this amazing white hot chocolate made with really chunks of chocolate and hot milk. Good Lord, I’d walk back there for another creamy taste of heaven!

Farmshop Services, Gloucester  Which Motorway Services M5

It was such a breath of fresh air (get it?) to pull off from such an epic drive along the motorway into the countryside with views of the beautiful fields surrounding Gloucester and their cute outside seating area. Inside stretches tall with giant wooden beams and we even spotted a kids play area, though we figured we were a little too big for that. Damnit!

The pots of tea were supplied with these adorable milk bottles and the displays of cakes and puddings looked so inviting and so far removed from a dingy fast food counters that we were used to on a long journey. We popped into the farmshop before leaving and like the child that I am I grabbed these super cute sticker packs which were just £1.20 each, but I could have spent a fortune on their local produce, cakes, bakes and meats if we weren’t in a hurry to get back home. The Gloucester Services farmshop on the M5 is definitely the best motorway services I’ve been to!

Farmshop Gloucester

Best Craft Stickers

Loves x xx

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My Top Picks From The Indiecana Sale

Independent designer sale

If you haven’t heard already, Indiecana is a relatively new online store selling independent designer’s products and handmade goods from the heart of the UK. Run by Daisy of Prettygreentea I can absolutely vouch for her quality standards and taste in good stuff! The website is clean and easy to navigate too!

In even better news, they’re holding a massive sale over at Indiecana right now and as I can’t buy anything until our house move is sorted (sob!) I wanted to share my favourite pieces with you instead. These illustrated cards (above) are so precious, I would absolutely send the flamingo to Lisa at Mathilde Heart Manech who showed off her love for flamingos on the very first day we met and I’d probably send the bowing owl to someone as a late birthday card – that dude is looking very shifty like he forgot something important. Whoops!

Toucan Art Print

This Toucan print would look fabulous on the wall of my new office, for less than £10! When I was younger my Granddad gave me a really cool pencil case with the words “if a toucan you can” on. The pencil case is sadly long gone, but toucans have always reminded me of him since then.

As an extra special bonus if you’re a fan of the Onetenzeroseven | Shop you can get a select number of my exclusively designed pieces on sale at Indiecana! I love the colourful boxes Daisy uses to display the gifts in. You could get some of your Christmas shopping started early.

Onetenzeroseven Sale, Onetenzeroseven Discount

Loves x xx

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Homeowner Goals – 9 Things To Do In My New House

Get Shit Done

I’m currently in the middle of trying to buy my first home (if you haven’t heard!) and I must say the phrase “when we get to the new house we should..” at least three times a day, so I figured I should start writing these ‘homeowner goals’ down. I’m really looking forward to it as a fresh new start and it’s even had me being more productive in our rented house this weekend – everything is so clean ready for the week ahead so let’s have that one to start us off…

// Get organised and stay organised. If a job will take less than fifteen minutes, do it there and then.

// Cook some new meals: Try something new at least once a month and share the recipe and results here with my folks.

// Read more. I have sooo many books from the past few years that I haven’t had time to read yet so I want to make an active decision to do more reading. I’ve already got plans for a sofa in my new office for tea breaks and a little reading nook in the living room for evenings and Sundays!

// Have a big freezer! This is one of the things I’m most excited about! Haha. Batch cooking, bagels from Costco, always having ice cream in, making pretty ice cubes!

Follow Onetenzeroseven’s board Amazing Ice Cubes on Pinterest.

// Organise my jewellery. As a jewellery designer I have an absolutely ridiculous amount of accessories and they’re all stuffed away in boxes and drawers. I’d love to get them out on display so I can see what I’ve got when I’m getting ready.

// Re-photograph all my products for the Onetenzeroseven | Shop. I have all the ideas ready; I just need the space, the lighting (yay gorgeous natural light in our potential new home!) and the time!

// Have lots of beds, everywhere! A friend laughed at me last week for saying I wanted a day bed in the kitchen(!), but I really want to squeeze as many sleeping areas into our new home as possible so that our friends and family can come to stay whenever they want without worrying about booking a hotel.

// Spend more time in the garden. We have a small yard at the moment, but we’re right on a terraced street so there is absolutely no privacy. I’d love to enjoy my morning cup of tea curled up on the bench outside.

// Go on more city breaks. Hopefully, hopefully, we’re going to save a bunch of money on rent so I’d love to squeeze in a little budget to visit some new cities around the world for a short break, take my new GoPro and make some memories for those dull days.

This is only the beginning of the list and I’m so excited for all the things I haven’t even thought about yet!
Loves x xx

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