Welcome to the home for all my ideas :) I’m Sophie and I design clothing, websites, graphics, jewellery… amongst a gazillion other things. I started making jewellery as a hobby, inspired by all the beautiful supplies that you could buy on Etsy. Soon enough I had way too many things to keep them for myself. My jewellery is created for anyone that is young in age or at heart, who is looking for a bit of sunshine to bring into their everyday lives without having to spend a fortune. Just like me. Underneath that, I’m just a fan that loves without reserve - if you'd like to learn more about me you might like to visit my blog.

My jewellery collection is available on a wholesale basis, you can find more information on this, here.

I am also a freelance writer; I have written content for a handful of publications including blogs and magazines. Most of my writing work is for my Fashion & Lifestyle blog where I cover topics from style to recipes, crafts and small business advice. I consider any sponsorship content as long as it is relevant to my blog and my readers.

You may share any of my work, ideas and findings on any of your personal or business social channels as long as you follow these simple rules:
Never change any part of the work without my permission
Never claim the work as your own
Never use the work to make money – e.g you can’t use my tutorials to make products to sell
Always credit my blog or website when posting its content elsewhere

If you would like to discuss a commercial license for any of my work (design, photography, writing) please email me.  





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